Eight gadgets probably gathering dust in your home

Banana container
Do you really need banana armour? Main image: DaveBleasdale
"Unloved and underused exercise equipment is a key feature of many British homes"
  • | by Emily Bater

Every home has them - things which are bought as gifts, on a whim or in a moment of madness when you truly believe that, yes, this overpriced kitchen gizmo will solve all your problems.

Whether it's a bread maker, a juicer or a mini fridge, they usually end up in the cupboard or the attic, covered in a film of dust, grime, guilt and regret unique to unwanted presents and cast-off appliances.

Take a look around your house and see how many from this list you can spot…




If you're an Instagram user you'll know that 'eating clean' (and, indeed, 'training dirty') has become a bit of a national obsession, but since when did healthy eating last longer than a few weeks?

Many people end up using their juicer a handful of times to make vile-tasting green liquid before realising it's a faff to clean, and regretting spending that £80. Kale and celery smoothie, anyone?

Bread machine



Everyone loves the smell of fresh bread wafting through the house, and what easier way to achieve it than with your own breadmaker?

That said, it'll probably end up being fobbed off on your mum or nan when you realise that a loaf of sliced white Warburtons only costs about a quid and is far less hassle.

Banana container

Banana case


Is a bruised banana really the end of the world?

Exercise machine

Exercise bike


From the ubiquitous exercise bike (which inevitably turns into an expensive clothes horse) to the weights gathering dust in the corner and that yoga mat you bought after one lesson, unloved and underused exercise equipment is a feature of many British homes.

Surround sound system

Surround sound


You couldn't resist the lure of 30% off in the January sales, but your new surround sound system was too fiddly to set up and you couldn't get it to work properly.

Pasta maker



The pasta-making dream: It'll taste fresh, authentic and will evoke memories of that sun-dappled Italian holiday.

The pasta-making reality: it takes ages and you realise you don't own a rolling pin, so have to go out and buy one.




SodaStream was the ultimate kitchen accessory in the 1970s and '80s and has recently made a bit of a comeback.

But, on balance, buying your own pop is probably cheaper - it would take many months to make back the initial cost of buying a SodaStream (other drink carbonators are available).

Toaster/egg maker



If Dr Frankenstein was alive today, this would be his monster. A decent frying pan is probably a better option.

Looking for your next piece of useless tech? What about awi-fi kettleor acitrus-infused water bottle?

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