Ten years of cats on YouTube

Photo of a cat using a tablet computer
Mr Tibbles was busy plotting how to make his new video go viral...
"Like many of the great artistes, Fatso the cat died before his talents were recognised by the wider public"
  • | by Emily Bater

There's no arguing with the fact that cats rule the internet, particularly on YouTube.

While feline hijinks committed to tape has long been popular, it was the creation of YouTube in 2005 which allowed crazy cat people the world over to go mainstream and share their obsession with each other.

The internet's love of cat videos means big business to the people who make them in the shape of advert revenues and tie-in merchandise, and if your cat video becomes a meme it may even need a manager (yes, there are people who manage memes now).

Cat videos have even had their own international festival since 2012, where feline fanciers can watch their favourite videos together. Held in a number of locations across the world annually, audiences get to meet some of the internet's most famous moggies, like 'Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat.

So, join us as we take a look at the top 10 most-viewed (according to our scientific review methods) cats of YouTube.

10. Keyboard Cat – the original

Like many of the great artistes, Fatso the cat died before his talents were recognised by the wider public.

The original video of Keyboard Cat was filmed in 1984 and its star died three years later – it wasn't until 2007 that the clip was posted to YouTube by his owner Charlie Schmidt.

It has since been reposted and spoofed thousands of time and, if we were counting all those versions, Keyboard Cat would no doubt top the chart.

Views: 38 million

9. Stalking Cat

The success of Stalking Cat is more down to its owner's clever filming than the cat itself, however cute it might be.

Views: 45 million

8. I are cute kitten

We never said cat videos had to be good to popular, and this base interpretation of the form is testament to that.

Views: 46 million

7. Simon's Cat: Cat Man Do

This animated series has clocked up 40 episodes and over 3,000,000 YouTube subscribers, but it's this episode from 2008 that has the most hits. Probably because it's something every cat owner can identify with...

Views: 52 million

6. Cat mom hugs baby kitten

The first video on the list to create an uncontrollable 'aww', this pair appeared in 2011 and we agree with commenter ' Pixelpartylpstv ' when they say: "Anyone who disliked this video has no soul".

The user who uploaded this must have suffered from 'difficult second cat video syndrome', as their follow-up has had nowhere near as many hits.

Views: 57 million

5. Two cats talking

This gorgeous twosome have been chatting away for eight years now, but watching them never gets boring. The handsome fellow on the left later fell into scandal after starring in a drug-fuelled follow-up.

Views: 58 million

4. Surprised kitty

This YouTube user peaked with their debut, as they haven't uploaded another video since. An excellent example of the cute-kitten-doing-something-unexpected genre.

Views: 75 million

3. The mean kitty song

There's no accounting for taste and if 80 million people seem to think this is worth watching, who are we to argue?

Views: 80 million

2. Angry Cat

This poor cat had obviously had a tough time of it when this video was shot, and we hope that he or she went on to find a lovely home.

Views: 88 million

1. Nyan Cat

The internet's biggest feline sensation isn't even a real cat – Nyan Cat is a half cat, half pop tart creation that flies through space chanting 'nyan' as he goes while a rainbow trails behind him. 'Nyan' is Japanese for 'meow' but this cat was created in Texas in 2011. And yes, it's as great as it sounds and the likelihood is that you've already watched it. 

Dance music star Deadmau5 famously customised a Ferrari with a Nyan Cat theme and drove it across Europe during the Gumball 3000 motor rally, complete with backing track. We wonder how much our own VW Polo would cost to insure with a Nyan Cat theme...

Views: 116 million

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