Are you a cat or a dog person?

Image of a dog licking a displeased cat
Tiddles loved Rex, even if his face said otherwise...
"My dog, Odie, is like me in many ways. He's medium-build, greedy, socially inept (despite trying) and moderately ridiculous"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

They say that pets are like their owners, which we usually take to mean as a physical comparison, but is it actually a little more profound than that?

Bear with us as we start to get deep… perhaps we're actually drawn to our pets because they reflect personality traits that we possess and recognise in ourselves.

So we're going to take a closer look at the typical behavioural attributes of the nation's two favourite pets with very contrasting personalities, cats and dogs, and hear from two passionate pet owners to investigate whether our theory rings true...


Image of a woman fussing over her cat in a kitchen

As a species, cats are recognised as being more independent and no-nonsense than their canine counterparts.

With their aloof manner they can be perceived as being a little cold with an unquestionable air of superiority, but cat people will recognise and value their quiet dignity and need to live life on their own terms.

A cat will let you know when they'd like company and they'll give off not so subtle signals to show when they're ready to be left alone. Their inquisitive nature means they get up to all kinds of hijinks, which YouTube is particularly thankful for.

In the cat corner

Image of Derri Dunn with kittens

Stepping up to bat for the fearsome felines is kitten fosterer and crazy cat lady in waiting (her words, not ours), Derri Dunn....

I'm a house slave to four permanent felines and an endless influx of foster kittens, so it's pretty clear what the dominant species is at casa Dunn.

What I enjoy most about cats is how a sleek, cloud-soft, perfectly poised exterior is basically a total deception.

Judging by my lot, what lurks beneath those flawless tabby stripes and emerald eyes is a selection of sadists, megalomaniacs, or – in the case of my vast, white lump, Major Tom – abject simpletons.

Their graceful, quick-witted reputation is definitely only skin-deep – but that's what makes them so loveable.

They're also the smart choice for the time-poor. They're affection sponges, ready to twine enthusiastically around your feet as soon as you get through the door, but they're equally happy to take themselves off for a prowl round the neighbourhood.

Then you find out a family down the road have been feeding the fickle so-and-so twice daily and referring to them as 'poor stray Binky'.


Image of a couple with dogs

Lovable and charming, the perpetually easy to please pup is a bundle of fun and able to make anyone around them smile with their infectiously optimistic attitude. Playful to the extreme, they're sociable and love nothing more than hanging out with friends, chasing tail.

Dogs are loyal to the end, unlike their feline counterparts, giving them the impressive accolade of being named man's best friend.

In the dog corner

Image of Anders Nilsson with his dog Odie

Doing it for the dogs is canine crazy pooch owner, Anders Nilsson...

Let me start by saying that I'm a big fan of all animals, even the ugly ones.

However, I most definitely identify as a dog person. I'm not sure why exactly, but I think Turner and Hooch had something to do with it. Plus, I've always been around dogs – whether it was Dolk, my grandparents' German Shepherd, or Coco, my parents' gentle but stupid beagle.

My dog, Odie, is like me in many ways. He's medium-build, greedy, socially inept (despite trying) and moderately ridiculous.

That said, he's also well-behaved – he never tries to get on the sofa nor does he chew the skirting boards – and is generally mild-mannered (like most Swedes).

Dogs rely on you for absolutely everything – for their food, water, training, shelter, love and companionship – which is really time-consuming, but it's also a joy. Because when your dog rewards you with a wag of his tail, an unexpected (and sort of unwelcome) lick across your whole face, or sidles up to you just because he wants to be close, you're reminded that dogs are, basically, the best.

So there you have it, it seems cat and dog people are a different breed but when it comes down to it, we're all united by our affection for the lovable creatures.

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