How we're making your 2016 holiday easier to book

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Sun, sea and savings on holidays
“There are a lot of amazing flight deals on at the moment, so you could potentially turn a cheap air fare into a full-on holiday from as little as a pound, then pay the rest later" Alex Edwards,
  • | by Kristian Dando

January means grey skies, cold weather and seemingly never-ending misery. Christmas is just a memory, while summer is still months away.

So, what better way to blast the blues away than by booking a summer holiday? But considering it's an age until you get paid, that's not really an option – or is it?

Well, perhaps it is, because an exciting new offer from's travel partner could take the sting out of booking your next getaway. is making booking a holiday easier than ever by allowing you to put a deposit down on a hotel for as little as £1 – yes, just one pound – providing you book and pay for your flights and any other transfers in full at the same time, and your intended travel dates are more than eight weeks away.

The full balance of the hotel won't have to be paid until six weeks before the holiday.

Alex Edwards, travel expert at said: "There are a lot of amazing deals on at the moment, so you could potentially turn a cheap airfare into a full-on holiday by booking your accommodation from as little as a pound when you buy your flights, then paying the rest later.

"If you do decide to book a holiday, it's a good idea to get your travel insurance as soon as possible to provide cover for any unforeseen circumstances between the time of you purchase it and your getaway."

At the time of booking, will take your email and phone details and will attempt to contact you using both methods before the payment date, but make sure you've got the final repayment date in your diary.

If you don't pay the balance of the hotel by the due date, you'll lose your deposit, forfeit your flights and you'll be subject to cancellation fees.