Seven weird and wonderful dating websites

Image of a woman using her laptop on a bed
Barbara was firing up her laptop for another steamy sesh on Platonic Partners
"Well you won't need to brew up a batch of love potion to find your kindred spirit anymore. Wiccan, Druid and Shaman are all welcome"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

As we make our final approach aboard the love boat – destination: Valentine's Day – finding the perfect partner to share a fondue for two with can seem like nothing more than an alluring mirage.

However, you can put down that lasagne for one, because with the explosion of online dating, just about everyone is catered for. In fact you'd be hard pushed to find a dating website that doesn't appeal to your particular 'quirks', shall we say.

Behold! Here are the seven of the more unusual dating sites that we've come across (as it were):

Countryside Love

Image of a couple having fun in a field

When you think of countryside folk, what image comes to mind?

Perhaps it's a strapping hunk sitting astride a stool milking his prize Friesian, or is it the buxom landlady calling last orders at the local village pub? In reality you're just as likely to be lumbered with a Wurzel Gummidge-alike who loves to talk tractors, but that may be your thing...

Either way, if you've got a penchant for everything pastoral, find like-minded singles on Countryside Love. There ain't no party like a farmyard party.


Image of two goths in love

They may be children of the night who only enjoy the macabre things in life, but gosh darn it, Goths need that crazy little thing called love too. Step forward GothicMatch.

We're particularly intrigued by the promise of 'gothic date ideas'. Graveyard picnic perhaps?

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Love Horse Dating

A horse showing affection to another horse

If you enjoy nothing more than saddling up with some serious horsepower between your legs, Love Horse could help you find that special person to make you yell 'Yeehaw!'

We're guessing it will be pretty easy to arrange the first date – the only question you need to ask is 'Your horse or mine?'


Image of a couple toasting with champagne

We can all agree that there's no bigger passion squasher than someone with a troublesome bowel on a date.

They end up leaving you at the table on your tod, with noises akin to a brass band emanating from the toilet. It's not ideal.

And with this in mind, we can really get behind GlutenFreeSingles. You get to choose restaurants where you can both eat something off the menu, without feeling like you're being difficult for ordering a wheat-free base for your pizza. It's win-win.

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Image of a firefighter pointing his hose

Dashing doctors and frisky firefighters aplenty have signed up for, but as it's open to anyone who wears a uniform, we ponder if any of the less 'sexy' options will get a look in.

For instance how many strippers are slipping into polo shirts and trackies to tantalise the crowds with their 'leisure centre sultriness'?

Platonic Partnerships

Image of a handshake

If all that touchy feely nonsense makes you want to hurl, and you prefer your relationships to be played out on a more psychological level, give Platonic Partnerships a go.

A website 'celebrating celibate, platonic, non-physical relationships' could be right up your street. Operating on a traffic light system, the red light is for no physicality, amber light is happy to be somewhat affectionate, and green light is open to discussion.

Setting out the perimeters of your relationship doesn't have to be a mood killer when things are perfectly platonic.

So how much are your friend's love lives costing you?

Pagan Partners

Image of a glamorous witch

Looking to be bewitched by that special someone? Perhaps you think that all relationships should contain just a little bit of magic. Spirit yourself over to Pagan Partners pronto.

You definitely won't need to brew up a batch of love potion to find your kindred spirit anymore. Wiccan, Druid and Shaman are all welcome, so don your best cloak and shift your broom into top gear.

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