Could Pokemon Go kill you?

Image of a woman using her phone on the edge of a cliff
Yes it was dangerous, but it was also the only place you could catch a Mew
"In Florida a man was so startled by two teenagers playing the game outside his home in the early hours of the morning that he decided to shoot at them"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, it's been impossible to escape the wave of animated characters that have all but taken over the world in the form of Pokemon Go.

A generation of kids fell in love with Ash and Pikachu as they strived 'to be the very best that no one ever was' on their Game Boys in the 1990s and since then the Japanese juggernaut has been unstoppable.

The latest gaming release, Pokemon Go, has gripped adults and children alike. But of course it's not without its controversies, hitting headlines with questions raised over its safety.

However, it's been equally celebrated for encouraging videogame players to get outside and partake in exercise.

Did you know it could even have an effect on your life insurance premiums too?

As a healthy lifestyle can factor into how much you pay for cover. The extra kilometres you walk to hatch that Lickitung could really pay off not just on the scales but also in your wallet.

So is the augmented reality game actually dangerous or is it all a little Farfetch'd? We'll let you decide…

Drive you crazy

Image of a man using his phone while driving

Everyone knows not to text and drive. But how about catching a Jigglypuff while zipping down the M4?

The answer is of course no. Both require you to divert your attention away from the road, so whether you're sliding into someone's DMs or throwing Pokeballs at a Snorlax, it's all the same thing.

A driver learnt this the hard way in Baltimore when he crashed into the back of a stationary police patrol car while playing the game. We imagine he was as red as a Charizard when he realised what he'd done.

Another motorist, Steven Cary, got caught up with the promise of a tantalising Lapras displayed close by. Fed up of being teased by the water-dwelling creature, he jumped in his car and headed over to the lake it was residing in.

On his journey, however, a notification popped up on his phone and eager to see if it was the bothersome Lapras, Cary leant over to check. Unfortunately this meant that he didn't notice the great big tree ahead of him.

He escaped with broken ankles which required surgery and not to mention a very bruised ego. Plus he didn't even catch the darn thing!

But it's the home of Pokemon that is being hit particularly hard, with police citing more than 1,000 Pokemon Go players for traffic violations in Japan over the month since its release, with one fatal collision recorded.

What a steal

Image of a youth using their phone in a secluded forest

Stolen smartphones are a lucrative business - so wouldn't it be handy for thieves if there was some sort of tracking app which could determine where a group of people would be using their expensive mobile devices?

Unfortunately this has been the case for some Pokemon Go users, who have been lured to secluded spots with the promise of rare critters, only to be ambushed by awaiting muggers.

In July, three students were robbed at knifepoint while Pokemon hunting in a Manchester park, causing the police to tweet out a warning to users.

So always keep a look out for suspicious behaviour and Pokemon beacons shown in quiet areas. You could also recruit a fellow trainer on your quest for safety in numbers.

It's the bomb

Image of someone walking past a 'Do not enter' sign

Another unlikely Pokemon Go news story occured when players in Bosnia had to be reminded not to search for the cartoon monsters in areas which are known to have active landmines.

Apparently the draw of an Aerodactyl is so great that the demining organisation, Posavina Bez Mina, had to issue a Facebook post urging players to respect signs of mine threat, which you'd think would be obvious… but apparently not.

And that's not the only story with firepower. In Florida a man was so startled by two teenagers playing the game outside his home in the early hours of the morning that he decided to shoot at them. Luckily no one was hurt.

A head for heights

Image of a boy using his phone by a cliff edge

These may all seem to be 'what the..?' incidents, but for a story that is more than a little Oddish we must, of course, return to America.

Two men became so distracted playing the game in San Diego that they failed to realise that they were about to walk off the end of a steep cliff. Yes, you read that right.

Incredibly both men survived the 90ft drop but we can't be certain whether they managed to catch the troublesome Pokemon.

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