How to stay fit at work

Image of a woman stretching at her desk
Rachel was really digging her new deodorant and wanted to share it with her colleagues
"Hunger can often be mistaken for thirst, so glugging on a pint of water could actually keep you away from the vending machine"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

Unless you're a personal trainer or tree surgeon, chances are you're not breaking a sweat at work. Especially if you're chained to your desk all day.

In 2015, the British Journal of Sports Medicine published a report outlining how resting on your tucchus and having a job which encourages a sedentary lifestyle could lead to serious health problems.

In fact it recommends that you should be aiming for around two hours of standing and light activity during your work day.

The thing is, you can't just jump up in the office and crack out some aerobics, no matter how cool you look…

Thankfully, there are more discreet ways to join the #fitfam without being sent to HR for Lycra abuse.

Will the real #fitfam please stand up?

Image of a man doing a yoga pose at a standing desk

We know that too much sitting is bad for you, so why not just stand? Seems logical enough.

Just as well 'standing desks' are becoming more common in the workplace then, which help workers avoid long periods planted on their posterior.

Ask your employer whether they'll pay for a standing desk. Maybe you could even fashion one for yourself. Your workmates will be positively green with envy.

New balls please

Image of a woman sitting on an exercise ball at her desk

If your company won't stump up for a standing desk, you could get yourself an exercise ball to perch on.

Yes, you may look like you're auditioning for Cirque du Soleil, and no doubt your ball will be used for office hijinks. But you'll wipe the smile off their faces when they realise you've been engaging your core while firing off emails.

Fast forward to the office barbeque where you flash your ripped abs, and they'll be hopping on to Amazon to order themselves one ASAP.

Do the deskercise

Image of a man stretching at his desk

'Deskercise' is the new Zumba. Haven't you heard of it?

No? Well maybe that's because we've just made it up, but it's basically discreet movements you can do at your desk, helping to keep your muscles active.

We have six exercises that you can try out whether you're waiting at the printer for a particularly lengthy report, or your back is feeling a little stiff from being hunched over your keyboard all day.

Quench your thirst

Image of a woman looking joyful at a water cooler

Not only will you have to zip back and forth to the water cooler increasing your chance of bumping into that dishy colleague from downstairs, but you'll also be able cure your thirst.

Over half of your body is composed of water, so it makes sense that you'd need to top it up regularly to keep it ticking over. Optimum hydration can give you a glowing complexion too.

Hunger can often be mistaken for thirst, so glugging on a pint of water could actually keep you away from the vending machine and the sugary snacks it has to offer.

Skip the sweet stuff

Image of a woman with healthy snacks on her desk

We all know how bad sugar is, so you don't need us harping on at you too. But it can be harder to avoid the sweet stuff when Bev from customer services is hand delivering her home-baked brownies to your desk.

Luckily, nutritionist and blogger Nichola Whitehead has shared her top tips for snacking healthy at work with us.

Lunchtime Olympics

Image of two women doing tricep dips using a park bench

Waiting until after work to get your sweat on can make it easier to put off. After all, it would be much more tempting to go to the pub or sit on the sofa with a sharing bag of Maltesers – we've all been there.

Once you've smiled and nodded your way through countless meetings heading over to the gym just seems like a lot of effort.

Tackling your workout at lunch will not only give you an endorphin rush powerful enough to help you burst through that 3pm slump, but it could also help you bond with your colleague. That's if you want to of course.

Think about setting up a lunchtime running club or Metafit class. If you have enough fitness enthusiasts you could get a trainer in for your weekly sweat sesh. Just make sure the office showers work first…

Now that you're getting ripped at work - it could be time to find the right life insurance to cover your svelte bod.

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