Is it time you switched energy supplier to save money?

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Time to make a switch?
"According to industry association Energy UK, nearly five million households switched energy supplier in 2016"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Energy price rises look like they're coming.

Npower has revealed that it will be raising its prices from next month, with an average increase of 9.8% set to add £109 a year to the average dual fuel bill as of 16 March.

Elsewhere, EDF revealed in December last year that it would also be raising its prices by 8.4% next month.

So, is it time that you switched energy?

Fixed rate energy deals are a great way to protect yourself from future price rises - for another year, at least.

Easy peasy

Switching energy supplier could save you money, and it’s easier than you might think too.

Maybe that’s why millions of consumers decided to change their energy suppliers last year.

According to industry association Energy UK, nearly five million households switched energy supplier in 2016 - that’s a 26% increase from 2015, meaning the message is getting through.

But lots of people could still save money.

Energy watchdog Ofgem reckons that 66% of households are still on standard variable tariffs, which it claims are significantly more expensive than the cheapest deals out there.

Then there are all the people on expensive pay-as-you-go energy meters, who often can least afford to be on them.

How do I switch energy supplier?

Switching energy supplier is much easier than you might imagine.

Just fire up an energy comparison service, such as’s and you’re ready to go.

You’ll be asked some easy questions about your home and your usage (have a recent bill to hand for accuracy - here's a super-handy guide to decoding it), and will then be presented with a host of options that you could switch to.

The whole process of getting prices shouldn’t take much more than 10 minutes, but the process of switching entirely usually takes between two to three weeks, and depends on which company you are switching to and from

If you spot a deal you like and want to switch, you’ll have a 14-day cooling off period if you want to change your mind.

Of course, saving money isn’t the only reason you might decide to switch.

You could have your head turned by the promise of better customer service, or maybe a supplier’s environmental credentials could sway you.

Regardless, there’s a terrific amount of choice - perhaps more than you might think - so why not start your search for a new supplier today?