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"Once you're a liquid - you're literally tipped down the drain."
  • | by Alice Morgan

With the UK population increasing year-on-year, finding places to bury the dead is getting pretty difficult.

For years, traditional methods of disposing of the departed have dominated but they're not doing a whole lot of good for this little planet we call home.

Burials are using up a huge amount of green space while cremation is taking its toll on our fossil fuels.

If you want to leave the right kind of mark on the world, here's some green ways to go.

'Doctor, doctor! I've got no body!'

Image of dissolving man

How about being dissolved?

Yes, you read that right.

Having your body dissolved is now an actual option and it's been hailed as the new eco-friendly way to go.

Resomation is a water-based alternative to the traditional methods of burial and cremation.

It's not actually water that's used in resomation but a little thing called alkaline hydrolysis which gives a helping hand in dissolving your body and turning it into liquid. 

It's essentially what happens to your body when you're buried but at a much faster rate.

Resomation involves being placed in a machine for a few hours until only your bones are left behind - tiny bit creepy.

Your skeletal remains are then crushed to make a fine, white powder which is given to your relatives - much like cremation.

Although it's deemed a gentler way to see your loved ones off, people are getting the heebie-jeebies over one little thing: that once you're a liquid - you're literally tipped down the drain.

However, others are quick to point out that when bodies are embalmed, the bodily fluids are also disposed of that way. 

One thing we can be sure of - we wouldn't want to see what goes on inside that machine.

Becoming one with the earth

Image of biodegradable coffin

A less messy way to go is to opt for a biodegradable coffin.

Using materials like wicker, bamboo or even cardboard can be gentler on the environment as the softer materials break down easily.

These coffins are made of natural materials and so become one with the earth as they decompose.

The bodies within aren't embalmed and no concrete vault is built so both the coffin and body are naturally absorbed back into the soil.

Pretty easy.

Bit seed-y

Image of tree

Have you ever imagined branching out and coming back as a plant?

Well, it could very well be a possibility for you.

Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn which holds a seed along with soil and your ashes. Your loved ones can plant it wherever they want - within reason. 

The urn will eventually disintegrate and your ashes will merge with the soil and the seed to create a beautiful plant or tree.

A nice way to be remembered when you 'leaf' this world.

Into the woods

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The cemetery is a bit crowded these days.

Wouldn't you rather be resting in a quiet place, undisturbed?

There's a new burial service on the block - Woodland Burials - and they'll place you in a natural, peaceful area among wildlife.

You'll get a tree planted to mark your grave and a hardwood plaque to commemorate you too. You can truly rest in peace.

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