Why sharing a holiday selfie could cost you

Image of family taking a selfie on a beach
'Sandra, the tide's gonna come in any second!"
"If you really need to post that cheeky beach selfie, make sure only a circle of people you trust can see it."
  • | by Alice Morgan

In 2017, Vanity Fair reported that Kim Kardashian West was targeted by thieves after flaunting pictures of her flashy jewels - as well as her exact location - on social media.

Unfortunately for Kim, sharing this kind of information with her millions of followers included revealing it to burglars who were waiting for their opportunity to strike. The result, of course, was that she became the victim of an armed robbery.

Whether you rake in as many likes as Kim K or not, oversharing on social media might bring you more than comments like "looks amaze hun!!!!" - it could even land you in hot water.

"Enjoy the rain, everyone - I'm off on my holibobs!"

Image of family taking a selfie on a snowy mountain

Not only will the above statement get people hitting the 'remove friend' button faster than you can say "cocktails at Gatwick- be rude not to!", it could also grab the wrong sort of attention.

Posting details of your upcoming break online and snapping selfies in the sun practically screams to the world that your home is empty.

And if you've been posting beautiful pics with captions such as "don't ever wanna leave this place" and "this is how Mondays should be spent", your insurer may not even pay out if your property does get broken into.

They might reject a claim that you put in because you didn't take 'reasonable care' in keeping your property safe by publicly telling others that you were away.

Image of couple taking a selfie in Paris

Amanda Bathory, insurance editor at GoCompare, says: "It isn't enough to double check your windows and doors these days. Posting your whereabouts on social media leaves the door wide open for criminals to plot and execute a burglary. Make sure you tighten your security online by setting your privacy to the highest setting - if you really need to post that cheeky beach selfie, make sure only a circle of people you trust can see it."

It's also a wise idea not to 'check in' to places that are far from home or post exactly how long you'll be on holiday for.

"Oi oi! Drinks with the lads!"

Image of men on stag do

In 2016, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported that travel insurers paid out £1m a day for treatment abroad but you might not see a penny of that if you're intoxicated when you have an accident.

Holidays and alcohol seem to go hand in hand but you'll need to be careful when you're abroad - sharing those snaps of you on your booze cruise definitely won't help your case if you're putting in a claim when you get home.

Most travel insurance companies will include a clause in your policy that mentions alcohol exclusions so it's vital that you don't go overboard - quite literally!

Before you line up those shots of tequila, make sure you're covered - you may have to end up shelling out thousands for treatment abroad.