Have you got election fever?

Elections! We love 'em!
"You're the overlord of your own financial kingdom!"
  • | by Kristian Dando

We love elections here at GoCompare.

The gentle, joshing debates on the telly or a wireless in the morning.

The considered chatter with colleagues round the watercooler, and friendly, measured discussion on social media.

The eager anticipation on election night, listening to the dulcet sounds of John Humphrys and the gang on Radio 4, all snuggled up in bed with a mug of own-brand equivalent Horlicks and waiting for the first results to come in. Then, awaking on the Friday - giddy as a schoolboy - to hear which way the race is going.

Honestly, we can’t get enough of it!

And here’s another thing we can’t get enough of – switching insurance and other miscellaneous financial products!

You know, elections and comparison sites have a lot in common.

They allow you to register your displeasure with whatever institution is failing to do its job for you, boot them out and get a new lot in.

But get this – rather than just a few names on a ballot paper, you’ve got a veritable bevy of brands and deals to browse.

But wait! There's more.

Whereas with an election, you've got to rely on the 'first past the post' system for you to get your way, with switching, it's down to you, and just you.

You're the overlord of your own financial kingdom! Or republic, if that floats your boat.

And unlike the election process, it’s easy to find out exactly what you’re getting – GoCompare’s fab partnership with Defaqto means you can quickly and easily see how much cover you’re getting for your money.

That’s just insurance for a start.

How about having a look at your credit card, current account, broadband or energy set-up whilst you’re at it?

So, whether you’ve already decided on whose name you’re going to mark a cross next to on Thursday or you’re still umming and ahhing, here’s something we can urge you all to do – ‘vote’ with your  ‘feet’ by taking your business elsewhere!

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