Britain’s switchiest cities revealed

Image of th Tyne Bridge
Newcastle is Britain's most switchy location. How about that?
"The Geordie nation is absolutely barmy for financial switching"
  • | by Kristian Dando

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have agonised long and hard into the night, tossing and turning with existential agony as you ponder which cities in the United Kingdom are the most and least likely to switch their savings account.

Well, toss and turn no more – some absolutely scorching new research hot off the press from GoCompare and top financial academic Dr. Joe Gladstone has you covered.

We can officially lift the lid on the findings and reveal that Britain’s switchiest city is NEWCASTLE.

Yes, the Geordie nation is absolutely barmy for financial switching, and more likely to hunt out a ‘canny deal’ on a current account than anywhere else in the UK.

Howay the lads!

In second place comes Belfast, followed by Southampton, Manchester and Sheffield.

So, how about the least likely to switch? Drum-roll, please...

CARDIFF, the capital of Wales, is the least likely to switch current accounts.

It’s a veritable hotbed of inertia, with inhabitants more unlikely to switch current account than anywhere else in the UK.

Bringing up the rear with Cardiff are Oxford, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bristol respectively.

How did we find the UK's switchiest cities? A cross-sectional survey, conducted by a large UK polling organisation, investigated the household savings behaviour of 4,170 UK individuals.

The survey is representative of the overall UK population in terms of socio-demographics; being run online, via telephone, and in person to ensure a full representation of different groups.

It contains approximately 85 questions, which cover topics in household savings, as well as several demographic and socio-economic variables, including age, gender, educational attainment, and homeownership status.

The full report is due very soon – so there’s something to get your teeth into.

Want that list in full? Well, here you go...

1. Newcastle
2. Belfast
3. Southampton
4. Manchester
5. Sheffield
6. London
7. Milton Keynes
8. Norwich
9. Birmingham
10. Liverpool
11. Leeds
12. Nottingham
13. Brighton
14. Plymouth
15. Hull
16. Bristol
17. Edinburgh
18. Glasgow
19. Oxford
20. Cardiff

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