Travel in luxury for less

Image of tropical island
Pop the champers - it's time to treat yourself to a luxury holiday!
"If you'd rather swan around your own castle, check out Airbnb's latest offers"
  • | by Alice Morgan

One quick scroll through Instagram and snaps of celebs enjoying luxury holidays is enough to give you a severe case of the green-eyed monster.

'Why them?' you cry. 'Why not me?!'

We can't all have as much cash as Alan Sugar in the bank so hopping on a private jet and staying in a castle is nigh on impossible.   

Or is it?

Luckily for you, we've found some ways you can travel in style for less.

Leaving on a (private) jet plane

You don't need to pay an extortionate amount to zoom off in a private jet and unleash your inner diva/divo. 

Flight sharing platform, Fly Victor, allows pilots to advertise their empty leg journeys. That means you can hitch a ride when the pilot is on their way to pick up a fare or flying back to base.

According to Fly Victor's website, you could save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter.

Pick a place, any place

No more pining over those pictures of marble bathrooms and towel swans - get money off luxurious resorts by signing up to a voucher website.

Voyage Privé and LateLuxury are both free to join and you can save up to 70% on extravagant holidays in their flash sales. Some of them even have little extras thrown in.

If you'd rather swan around your own castle, check out Airbnb's latest offers.

We found a castle in Occitanie, France for four people from £99 per night and it's absolutely majestic.[2]

Or you could stay in this former 12th century monastery in Italy which sleeps four guests from £81 per night, complete with gardens and a private chapel.

You could even escape to this luxury villa in Bali.