Are these monsters taking your money?

Image of woman hiding behind cushion
There might be a vampire living in your TV...
"Don't get bitten - kill your account"
  • | by Alice Morgan

Halloween is nearly upon us and we're ready for all the frights that may be in store.  

But you can keep your ghouls and goblins. We've got something far scarier for you.

Imagine a vampire living in your house, a zombie sitting in your bank account and a monster slipping through your door.

That might be just the case if you don't keep an eye on your finances.

Luckily, we know of a few ways to banish them. And you won't need any garlic...

Vampire power drain

Image of vampire TV

There's something scary lurking in your home and you unwittingly invited it in…

That phone charger you've left plugged in and the TV you've put on standby, they're energy vampires, sucking power from your plug sockets.

And that's adding hair-raising amounts to your energy bill - eek!

Drive a stake through high prices by simply switching sockets off when you're not using them. Goodbye, Dracula.

Zombie accounts

Image of zombie piggybank

Keep a close eye on your savings - they may have been infected by a zombie curse.

If you signed up for a shockingly good interest rate but that's since decomposed to next to nothing, it's joined the ranks of the undead.

Don't get bitten - kill your account and switch to one with a bit more life in it. 

Monster Bill


He sneaks through your letterbox and lands stealthily on your floor every single month.

And when you see him, you get a nasty fright!

It's that Monster Bill who just keeps coming back to eat up all your cash.

Vanquish him forever by switching your insurance provider and finding a sweeter price.

Don't let your bills give you a fright - see if you can switch to a better deal with GoCompare