The Love Island Effect

Couple in pool
Joe and Jenny were inspired to take a trip of their own
"Searches for 'Mallorca travel insurance' went up a whopping 96%"
  • | by Alice Morgan

It’s been a solid eight weeks of grafting, cracking on and staying ‘loyal, babe’, but the 2018 season of Love Island is finally coming to an end. 

With the nation gripped by the Islanders’ antics, it’s near impossible to escape talk of re-couplings and who did what last night. 

And, aside from all the gossip and banter, it would seem that the ITV2 reality show has a lot more influence on us Brits than we realise. 

Fun in the sun 

Watching a group of people frolicking under cloudless Spanish skies has most definitely given us the travel bug.

According to data from, searches for 'flights to Majorca' shot up by 260% after the first teasers for Love Island were debuted.  


Not only that, but it looks as though we’re craving the villa lifestyle after seeing the group sunning themselves around the pool. 

Google Trends showed that the UK’s interest in ‘Mallorca villa holidays’ also spiked, jumping from 0% to 90% in the space of a week – wowzers in trousers!*

Not too much fun in the sun 

It’s nice to see that we’re all thinking about the important things when we’re planning our breaks to sunny Spain too.


Searches for ‘Mallorca travel insurance’ went from zero interest up to a whopping 96% from the end of May to mid-June. 

Planning ahead for that Spanish vacay could pay off too, in case things go askew before your flight even takes off. Having insurance in place ahead of time should see you covered for any cancellations or mishaps from the get-go. Winner. 

You’re a right sort 

Not only have we been persuaded to swap the sofa for a Spanish sun lounger, we’ve also traded it in for a treadmill. found that in the first week of Love Island airing this year, 52% more of us were searching for gym memberships online than usual. 


That’s even higher than those who signed up as part of a New Year’s resolution!

While we’re all about staying healthy, it’s wise to remember that comparing yourself to those you see on telly isn’t always the best mindset to have when you start those fitness sessions. 

The gym we can take or leave… But that flight to Majorca? Count us in. 

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