The 7 Signs That Stop Your House From Selling

For sale signs
Can't shift that house? This could be why...
"Evidence of damp - whether it’s a stain or mouldy smell – is a warning sign" Ben Wilson, GoCompare’s home insurance spokesperson.
  • | by Sam Easterbrook

Bad DIY, stink lines, and them next door are just a few things that set alarm bells ringing in potential home buyers.

How do we know? We asked you, the Great British public, for the greatest turn-offs when buying a property that's how.

And here's what buyers are saying…

#1 Mould - OK for cheese, not for homes


Damp is the biggest buzzkill for buyers. Two-thirds of people we talked to said mould and damp stains on ceilings and walls is a deal breaker.

If the place is mouldy and old, you’re unlikely to see any dough.

#2 Smells Like Teens and Spirits

Bad smells

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and estate agents know this. Brewing coffee and baking bread is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to selling a house.

And the flipside is true too.

If a place absolutely honks then it ain’t going anywhere. 63% said a bad whiff – we’re talking cigarettes, booze, pets – would stop them buying.

#3 General Shoddiness

Peeling windows

No brainer this one - if the gaff looks like a building site then it puts people off.

Unfinished building work was a no-go for 59% (that’s more than Brexit), while a general poor state of repair is even higher.

Peeling paintwork? Rotten window frames? Yeesh, you ain’t selling that, girlfriend.

#4 Dude Where's My Car (Going To Go)?


It might seem it's all Uber and avocados ATM, but somewhere to leave the motor is still a huge issue for home buyers. 

Over half of the people we spoke to said a lack of parking would stop them from buying a property.

#5 Broadband Blackspots


Nothing to do with the Dark Web, instead this about slow speeds. It might be #firstworldproblems but no fibre = no deal for a helluva lot of people. 

Hit up Openreach to see if you’re in a superfast broadband area if you’re not sure.

#6 The Neighbours


Everybody needs good neighbours . Not wants. Needs. Songs don't lie. 

And if the people living either side of you are less than ideal, then you might have a problem shifting your home.

Here’s how many of you said this would stop you buying a property:

  • Rubbish strewn in neighbouring gardens - 48% 
  • Dilapidated neighbouring property - 43%
  • Student let next door - 37%

There it is in black and white, guys - other people are the worst. We all knew it deep down. 

This is perhaps the most frustrating thing on the list and there's only so much you can do about it. 

#7 Vintage: good for clothes, bad for boilers


New isn’t always better. But when it comes to houses…

  • Out dated electricals/wiring - 46%
  • Old boiler or central heating system - 37%
  • Stone cladding, render or pebble dash on exterior walls 31%

Right, now the first two we get. Replacing a boiler or the wiring can be a major inconvenience and expense if you don't have the right cover in place. 

But the last one... all we're saying is that fashion moves in cycles #pebbledash2019.