About Covered

Covered mag, presented by Gocompare.com
  • | by Kristian Dando

Covered is an online magazine about money, motoring and more. It’s published by Gocompare.com in South Wales.

Blundering banks. Sky high energy bills. Mis-selling scandals. The spiralling cost of insuring your car.  Piffling interest rates.

It’s a bewildering - and occasionally depressing - time to be a British consumer. But those who are positive and proactive are the ones who usually stand to benefit from the seemingly baffling amount of choice on the market.

The thing is, it can be quite a task to stay informed, let alone interested. Financial services firms are hardly renowned for making things easy to understand, and it can be difficult to peruse the financial section of the Sunday papers when the sports or travel section are there in all their tantalising, escapist glory.

That’s why Gocompare.com decided to launch Covered.

It’s a finance website which takes money – but not itself – seriously.  We think it’s quite unlike any other financial publication you’ve ever read.

You’ll find all sorts of features and ideas which we hope will inform, empower and – hopefully – entertain. There’s also the Money Shot – a weekly digest preoccupied largely with the outrageous absurdities of the world of finance.

We cover motoring, too. But you won’t find too much in the way of supercars, here. Unless they represent truly outstanding value, that is.

We know that most drivers aren’t really too bothered about 0-60s, slip-diffs and torque steer – whatever that is. They’re concerned with the price at the pump, road tax, and yes, the price of their car insurance quotes too.

But we also know that driving can be, well, fun as well as a necessity which gets you to work. As such, you’ll find plenty of features on motoring – on two wheels as well as four – which are underpinned by our unshakeable and unashamed love of a bargain.

We hope you enjoy reading Covered as much as we enjoy producing it.

Kristian Dando
Email: editor@gocompare.com