MasterCard credit cards

MasterCard is a major provider of UK credit cards issued by financial institutions including banks and supermarkets.

Compare MasterCard credit cards to find one that suits your needs.

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is one of the largest payment networks in the world, managing and processing card payment transactions.

It partners with a huge range of financial institutions, banks, building societies, supermarket banks and high street shops (such as Santander, Lloyds, Tesco and Sainsbury’s) to issue MasterCard credit cards.

Look for the MasterCard logo on credit cards - two overlapping red and yellow circles.

Mastercard credit card

What kind of credit cards does MasterCard offer?

From balance transfer cards to cashback cards, everyday spending cards to travel credit cards, there is an extensive range of MasterCard credit cards available, depending on which issuer you go with.

MasterCard offers three levels of card: Standard, World and World Elite.

The benefits and rewards that come with each level of MasterCard will depend on the card type and the issuing bank or financial institution. They can include specialised travel or insurance perks.

However, all MasterCard credit cards provide the following benefits:


Exclusive to MasterCard holders, Priceless provides access to unique and exclusive experiences in cities all over the world. Offers include culinary masterclasses, the hottest theatre tickets, museum experiences and stays at iconic hotels, plus deals on things like city-centre parking or car hire.

Fraud prevention

MasterCard’s Zero Liability Protection means that if someone uses your card fraudulently and makes unauthorised purchases, you won’t be held responsible.

24-hour assistance

You can access 24/7 customer service assistance for things like advice on reporting a lost or stolen card or finding the nearest ATM that accepts MasterCard.

How do I choose and make the most of my MasterCard credit card?

Compare a range of MasterCard credit cards to ensure you’re opting for the right one for your circumstances.

For example, if you want a card for everyday expenses, then look for a low interest rate on purchases. Or if you intend to use your card to pay for an expensive item or service like a holiday, then a card that offers a 0% promotional period on purchases could help conveniently spread the cost.

When you want to move existing debt on to a new card with a more favourable interest rate, a 0% balance transfer card would be the one to go for. And if you intend using your card both at home and abroad, a travel credit card could be a good option.

Is MasterCard better than Visa?

MasterCard and Visa are the two biggest secure payment networks in the UK that process payments made by credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo are accepted by the majority of places that accept credit cards worldwide, so neither is discernibly better than the other in that respect.

Which works out better for you will depend on what you want to use your credit card for, its interest rate, the charges payable as set by the card issuer, plus the rewards or perks it offers.

What is the best way to use my MasterCard credit card?

This really depends on your circumstances.

But as is the case with all credit cards, good spending habits matter.

For example, using a 0% MasterCard as a method of free borrowing can be useful. But you need to make sure that you’re able to pay off the debt by the time the 0% promotional period ends to avoid paying interest.

Similarly, if you use a 0% balance transfer card to transfer existing debts onto and pay it off before you start getting charged interest, you can make great savings.

And if you use a cashback or rewards MasterCard, you could actually earn when you spend, although you’ll need to pay off the balance in full each month to make it worth it.

What are the risks?

The risk of using any type of credit card is that you’ll overspend. And if you only pay back the minimum payment each month, you could quickly get into expensive, accumulating debt.

The key is to spend only what you can afford to pay back every month.

Late or missed payments on your credit card can negatively affect your credit score, too.

What charges do I pay for my MasterCard credit card?

As well as interest rates applied to any unpaid balance, you can expect other charges for using a MasterCard credit card to include:

  • Cash machine withdrawal fees
  • Using your card abroad
  • Late or missed payment charges
  • A charge for going over your credit limit
  • Some top of the range cards which offer benefits may charge an annual fee

Always check the terms and conditions of your card to see exactly what you’ll be charged for.

Where can I use my MasterCard credit card?

Your MasterCard can be used at millions of locations worldwide, online with Click to Pay or via your banking app. It can also be added to your mobile wallet.

Is a MasterCard the best credit card for me?

That will depend on what you intend to use the card for, the interest rate and any associated charges, such as transfer fees.

Once you know the type of credit card that will suit your lifestyle and circumstances, you should compare a range of MasterCard credit cards for the best deals.

What consumer protection does MasterCard offer?

As is the case with all credit cards, when you use a MasterCard credit card, you’re covered by section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This protects purchases between £100 and £30,000, which means you can raise a claim with your card provider if your purchase isn’t delivered or if it’s faulty. It can also help if the retailer goes out of business.