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Current account guides: Index

Our guides give you the facts so you can make an informed choice when you compare current account providers and accounts.

Are free current accounts really free?

Is it really free to use your current account? If so, how are banks making money from these services?

Are free current accounts really free? »

Bad credit options

If you have a bad credit history it can be more difficult to find a current account provider, but there should still be banking options available.

Bad credit options »

Bank account number portability

If you could 'port' your bank account number like you do your phone number, would you be more likely to switch? Find out why this isn't possible… yet.

Bank account number portability »

Barclays bank accounts

Looking for info on current accounts from Barclays but aren't fluent in finance? We'll help you pick up the lingo.

Barclays bank accounts »

Basic bank accounts

Basic bank accounts are simple, easy-to-manage current accounts that could help if you have poor credit or you just want to do the banking essentials.

Basic bank accounts »

Bounced payments

Bounced payments occur when there isn't enough money in your account and they can lead to hefty charges. Find out how to avoid them.

Bounced payments »

Business bank accounts

Find out more about business bank accounts and how they differ from personal current accounts.

Business bank accounts »

Cashback current accounts

Cashback options are a relatively new type of current account that offer money back from your bank.

Cashback current accounts »

Challenger banks

Challenger banks are beginning to take market share from the traditional high street giants. Find out why they're different and what they offer...

Challenger banks »

Charity accounts

Find out more about getting the right current account for your charity's funds and some of the advantages of charity bank accounts.

Charity accounts »

Children's bank accounts

Children's bank accounts mean that you don't have to wait until adulthood to manage your own finances and earn interest on your money.

Children's bank accounts »

Current accounts with overdrafts

If you go into the red occasionally a bank account with an overdraft could be a useful option, but you need to be careful it doesn't end up costing you a fortune.

Current accounts with overdrafts »

Dormant bank accounts

Find out more about why inactive bank accounts become dormant, what you need to do to reclaim your money and what happens to unclaimed funds.

Dormant bank accounts »

Ethical banking

Read more about ethical banking and finding current accounts, loans and other products that agree with your moral principles.

Ethical banking »

Expat banking

Moving abroad? Find out more about choosing and using an expat current account and other financial issues such as tax status.

Expat banking »

Graduate accounts

A graduate account can help smooth the financial transition from college to the working world.

Graduate accounts »

Guide to switching bank accounts

How to switch, the benefits of doing so, plus details of the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

Guide to switching bank accounts »

High-interest bank accounts

If you spend less than you earn each month, you can earn a decent amount of interest from certain high-interest products.

High-interest bank accounts »

HSBC bank accounts

Are you in need of a new current account provider? Perhaps HSBC could be the one for you.

HSBC bank accounts »

Islamic banking and other religious bank accounts

Find out more about Islamic and other religious banking options which may help you base financial decisions on your ethics and beliefs.

Islamic banking and other religious bank accounts »

Joint bank accounts

Sharing a joint account with family and/or friends can be convenient, but make sure you know the pros and cons of shared banking before pooling finances.

Joint bank accounts »

Lloyds bank accounts

Will Lloyds be by your side? Read on to find out more about Lloyds’ current accounts.

Lloyds bank accounts »

Making bank accounts work harder

Find out more about how to get the most out of your current account, from high interest to cashback and bundled insurance products.

Making bank accounts work harder »

Managing multiple current accounts

If you need multiple current accounts, either to manage your money or to maximise interest, there are some things you should be aware of...

Managing multiple current accounts »

Nationwide current accounts

If you're thinking of comparing current accounts, you've come to the right place. Different accounts offer different features and benefits. Here we'll take a look at Nationwide current accounts.

Nationwide current accounts »

Natwest current accounts

With a whole range of current accounts out there, the choice can be bamboozling. But we're here to help you easily compare accounts side-by-side. Here we'll take a look at current accounts available from NatWest.

Natwest current accounts »

Offset mortgages

An offset account can link mortgage debt to savings and current account balances, offering the potential of significant benefits if managed in the right way.

Offset mortgages »

Offshore banking

Find out more about the pros and cons of offshore current accounts and savings accounts and why they're not just for the super-rich.

Offshore banking »

Online banking

Online banking is the most popular way to access and manage money in the UK. Take a look at its advantages and how to keep your money safe online.

Online banking »

Opening your first bank account

If you’re opening your first bank account, what documents do you need and what should you consider?

Opening your first bank account »

Packaged bank accounts

Is it worth paying your bank for a packaged product that comes with added extras such as insurance, breakdown cover and card protection? Find out more, and learn why you should beware of doubling up on insurance cover.

Packaged bank accounts »

Post Office bank accounts

Looking for info on Post Office bank accounts? GoCompare can give you the lowdown on what to look out for...

Post Office bank accounts »

RBS current accounts

Often taken for granted, there can be many reasons to compare and switch current accounts. Perhaps you don't currently have an account best suited to your needs? Here we have a look at RBS current accounts to see how they stack up.

RBS current accounts »

Reclaiming online payments made to the wrong account

Find out what steps you can take to reclaim misdirected payments made from your internet banking account and how to avoid them in future.

Reclaiming misdirected payments »

Santander current accounts

Not all bank accounts are created the same, which is why it's always a good idea to compare. Here, we take a closer look at Santander current accounts.

Santander current accounts »

Setting up a joint account for shared household bills

A joint account for paying out rent and bills in a shared house can seem convenient, but the risks might outweigh the advantages. Find out more…

Setting up a joint account for shared household bills »

Student bank accounts

What are the things you should think about before you sign up to a student bank account?

Student bank accounts »

The cheque clearing system

Find out what happens during the cheque clearing cycle and what the future may hold for cheque transactions.

The cheque clearing system »

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Alternative currencies: Bitcoins and beyond

Learn about global, local and private digital alternative currencies, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoins.

Alternative currencies: Bitcoins and beyond »

Building societies

Learn about building societies and other sorts of mutual societies, including information on members' rights, demutualisation and the advantages and disadvantages of using them for banking services.

Building societies »

Cancelling continuous payment authorities

A continuous payment authority (recurring payment) differs from direct debits and standing orders - know your cancellation rights on debit and credit cards.

Cancelling continuous payment authorities »

Cashing cheques in foreign currencies

Receiving cheques made out in a foreign currency can be a lengthy process and could incur fees. Find out more...

Cashing cheques in foreign currencies »


Find out how the chargeback process can help you get a refund for debit card payments and smaller credit card purchases.

Chargeback »

Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS)

Find out when you might need to make a CHAPS payment, what it costs and how long it takes.

Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS) »

Communicating with your bank

From checking your balance while you're on the go to visiting your branch in person, there are any number of ways you can engage with your bank.

Communicating with your bank »

Consumer rights

If you buy goods or services and aren't happy with what you receive there's legal protection that can help you. Find out more about your consumer rights.

Consumer rights »

Contactless payments

Contactless payments are growing from cards, smartphones, wristbands and more - but what are the practical and security issues? Could contactless transactions replace cash in the future?

Contactless payments »

Credit reports and ratings

A credit score can be crucial to your future, the rating affecting your major financial applications. Find out more about scores and compare credit reports.

Credit reports and ratings »

Credit unions

Credit unions are community co-operatives that can offer banking and other financial services.

Credit unions »

Financial fraud

Find out about the different types of financial fraud, how you can protect your money and what to do if you're a victim.

Financial fraud »

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Find out how the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) could protect your savings if a financial firm collapses, and when you might not be covered.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme »

How to find and choose a financial adviser

Do you need an independent financial adviser (IFA)? How do you find one? Could other financial guidance and advice serve your needs? Read more about the things to consider…

How to find and choose a financial adviser »

Is ID theft protection worth it?

Find out more about ID theft protection, or identity theft insurance as it's also known, and whether you need it.

Is ID theft protection worth it? »


The government's midata project helps empower consumers' personal finance comparison choices by giving easier access to data held about them and getting it delivered in a more consistent format. Find out more, and learn how to obtain your midata file from your bank.

Midata »

Mobile branch banking

Mobile bank branches drive straight into your town or village to bring banking to your doorstep, but are they an alternative to traditional branches?

Mobile branch banking »

Net interest margins

Find out more about how banks make money from the difference between the interest they pay on deposits and the interest they receive on loans.

Net interest margins »

Paym: Sending and receiving money with your mobile

Smartphones are heralding a new age of banking with the advance of Paym. Find out more about sending and receiving money using your mobile...

Paym: Sending and receiving money with your mobile »

PayPal and online money transfer services

Find out about how PayPal and other online money transfer services work, when you can use them and whether they're a safe way to send and receive money.

PayPal and online money transfer services »

What happens when you apply for credit?

Whenever you apply for credit, lenders make numerous checks behind the scenes. Find out why you may’ve been approved or declined and improve your chances.

What happens when you apply for credit? »

Bill-Free Day calculator

Use our calculator to find out how long it would take to pay off all your boring bills, so you can use the money that's left for more enjoyable things.

Bill-Free Day Calculator »

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