GoCompare Degree Apprenticeship

GoCompare launches sponsored degree apprenticeship scheme with Aston University

GoCompare is launching a new technology degree apprenticeship with Aston University, giving opportunities to students who might not have access to higher education through a traditional route.

The scheme will see up to five candidates from schools and colleges in south Wales enrolled onto a degree apprenticeship course with one of the UK’s top universities*. It will be fully sponsored by GoCompare, and will give students the opportunity of an apprenticeship placement with the Newport-based fintech company.

The degree is part of GoCompare’s ongoing commitment to becoming the employer of choice for a career in technology as well as helping to make south Wales a UK tech hotspot by developing and training the best talent in the region.

That’s why the company has joined forces with Aston University.

The establishment has over 100 years’ experience of working in close partnership with enterprise, learners and communities to nurture professionals with relevant skills as well as knowledge that can be directly applied to business and industry. In 2015, the university became the first in the UK to offer degree apprenticeships.

Successful applicants will take an initial seven-week, full-time bootcamp with Aston University before starting a part time placement in GoCompare’s industry-leading tech team, continuing their studies through a mixture of distance and classroom learning.

The course will run over four and a half years during which time, students will be able to apply their new skills to their everyday work while receiving plenty of support from leaders in the field.

As well as earning a salary while they study, students will also receive subsidised accommodation and travel plus they’ll graduate with a recognised qualification, and to top it all off - a few years of valuable work experience.

GoCompare is excited to welcome promising new talent to the team through its sponsored degree programme and the GoFurther Academy.

* 49 out of 129 in University League Table 2018.

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