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Flights to Doha

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Compare prices and find cheap flights to Doha

One of the most opulent cities in the world, Doha in Qatar is a hub for flights into and out of the Middle East via Hamad International Airport.

Key points

  • Flights will vary in price depending on how far ahead you book
  • Which class of flight you choose to use will also affect the price
  • Some airlines offer direct flights to Doha, but several airlines do not

Officially recognised as one of the New7Wonders Cities in May 2015, Doha boasts an incredible skyline, and all the luxury associated with this part of the world. If you want to book a holiday there (and we wouldn’t blame you!), it’s worth looking into the price of flights

Cheap flights to Doha 

As the capital of Qatar, Doha attracts a lot of flights on a daily basis. The cheapest ones you can get will be economy flights with airlines like British Airways or Qatar Airways. But it can be a lengthy flight to Doha, clocking in at around seven hours. So, for just a tad more dough, you could get a premium economy flight. 

However, that may not offer the most for your money. You could be even more comfortable (for a lot more money) getting a business-class flight. If you really wanted to splash out, you could go for a first-class ticket.  

The cost of your ticket will vary mainly on how far ahead of your flight you book your seat. Generally speaking, the further ahead of time, the cheaper it is. But this isn’t always true. Some airlines drop their prices two or three days ahead of departure if there are still seats left to fill.  

Did you know...?

  • Qatar is one of the biggest centres worldwide for camel racing, which is done via remote-control robotic jockeys

If you like flying by the seat of your pants, you could even gamble on getting a ticket at check-in. Who knows? You may just be lucky enough to snag a seriously cheap ticket: airlines occasionally slash their prices right before departure to fill any empty seats.  

Alternatively, if you’re a bold and adventurous type, you might be able to get a free (or at least cheap) upgrade at check-in if you ask nicely.  

Flights to Doha from London 

Both London Gatwick and London Heathrow offer flights to Doha’s Hamad International Airport. A variety of airlines fly to and from both destination, some with layovers and others directly. 

British Airways and Qatar Airways both offer direct flights. However, Turkish Airlines tends to offer flights with layovers in Istanbul. 

Flights from Doha to Dubai 

Many of its Gulf neighbours cut ties with Qatar as of July 2017. From economic sanctions to a prohibition on Qataris visiting neighbouring countries, Qatar had become a de facto island.  

This hasn't stopped Qatar Airways from offering flights to and from the Dubai al Maktoum airport in Dubai. Your flight may well take in a layover in Beirut, or somewhere similar, but it was still feasible in April 2018 get to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula from Dubai. 

It's always worth double-checking what flights are available. Although at the time of writing no travel restrictions apply to British nationals, it's also worth checking the GOV.UK travel advice to Qatar.

By Nick Dunn