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Flights to Italy

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With plenty of destinations to choose from and flights from most UK airports, where do you start when it comes to booking your flights to Italy?

Key points

  • Most UK airports offer direct flights to Italy. But if you want to go to some of the smaller or more rural towns, like Sorrento, you might have to catch a layover flight
  • Things like your arrival and departure airport, ticket class and flight type can affect the cost of your flights
  • Save time and money by using a comparison site, like us here at GoCompare, to shop around for flights to Italy that suit your needs

When comparing your flights to Italy, there are a few things you’ll need to think about:  

  • Where you’re coming from and where you’re going
  • The type of flight 
  • Your ticket class 
  • Are you on a budget or do you want to splash out a little? 

Prices between various airlines, airports and routes can vary greatly, so it could save you time and money to compare flights to Italy and do some research. Luckily we’re here to help!  

Popular flights to Italy 

Most major cities and tourist destinations will have one or two airports nearby with good transport links into towns, cities and beachfronts.  

In terms of your budget, the first thing to consider is the type of flight you want, and your destination.  

Direct flights to Italy 

Direct flights do what they say on the tin: they take you straight to your destination of choice in Italy, without having to stop along the way.  

You can get direct flights from most UK airports like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol, but it depends where you want to go. Below are a few Italian destinations that you can fly to direct from the UK: 

  • Rome  
  • Florence 
  • Venice 
  • Naples 
  • Milan 
  • Bari 
  • Genoa 
  • Pisa  
  • Verona 

If you want to get to small towns and villages in Italy, you might have to fly to a nearby airport and then make use of public transport. 

For example, if you wanted to visit Sorrento, you’d have to take a flight to Naples and then a ferry to either Mergellina or Molo Beverello port. There’s also a train line, the Circumvesuviana, and bus routes between Sorrento and Naples.  

Layover Italy flights 

Layover flights mean you make a stop (or two) on your way to Italy. For example, London to Cologne to Bologna.  

In addition to the locations with direct flights, you can also get layover flights to Catania, Trieste, Calabria, Rimini and Pescara. 

What UK airports offer flights to Italy?  

You can get direct flights to Italy’s top tourist picks from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bournemouth and Leeds.  

Choosing your ticket class for your Italy flights 

Economy is usually the cheapest ticket class, and it gets you standard size seats, legroom and food (if included). Premium economy tickets get you a bit more room.  

Business and first-class tickets get you larger, comfier seats, more legroom and a better range of food and drink to choose from.  

On some airlines, business and first-class benefits are very similar, even though business-class tickets tend to be cheaper than first class.  

Check with the airline before you book to see if it’s worth paying the extra money for first-class tickets, or if you can save yourself a few quid by going business, and still getting similar perks.  

Cheap flights to Italy? Yes please! 

When you compare flights to Italy, you can see flights from various airports and airlines in one place, so you don’t have to track them down yourself.  

To narrow down your flight options, filter your flights by ticket class, single or return, and direct or number of stops.

Ideally try to stay flexible when comparing flights, as you could save yourself some money by travelling midweek rather than at the weekend. And you might be able to take advantage of early-bird rates, or last-minute deals if you like to be spontaneous.  

Buon viaggio! 

By Amy Smith