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Flights to Nice

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Get cheap flights to Nice and the French Riviera with GoCompare

If your idea of a perfect holiday is lounging on a beach on the French Riviera, you’re in luck. With our flight comparisons, we can help you get there faster than you can say Saint Tropez!

Key points

  • The price of flights will change based on your departure date and when you book your ticket
  • Which airport you fly from and the airline you go with will also affect your ticket price
  • Whether your fly first class or economy can also change how much your flight costs

Does the idea of sunning yourself on the beaches of the French Riviera sound particularly Nice to you? Well, it does to us, and we’re here to help you get there. We can’t fly you out there personally (sorry), but we can compare flights to help find the ideal one for you. 

The following routes and rough prices were correct in summer 2018. 

Cheap flights to Nice 

If you're heading Nice-wards by plane, you'll be landing at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE), which is just under four miles south-west of the city centre.

The price of a flight to Nice will vary mainly based on how far ahead of your chosen departure date you book it. The closer you get to it, the more expensive it’s likely to be. 

If you’re feeling brave, you might be lucky and snag a heavily-discounted seat in the couple of days beforehand: some airlines slash their prices two to three days before departure to fill up any empty seats. But this requires nerves of steel and the blessings of Lady Luck, so we're not sure we can recommend it as a way to save money on your flight. Instead, you may be better off booking as far ahead of time as possible. 

For example, booking several months ahead could get you a single economy flight from London to Nice for around £40. If you really want to come back to the UK, a return flight might be as much as £60. Not bad for a short hop to the French Riviera.  

Did you know...?

The hill above the Old Town in Nice was called Nike by the Ancient Greeks when they ruled the area, making it ‘Nike-Town’. Nike was the ancient Greek goddess of victory.

But that’s the price for an economy flight. The different cabin classes will all come with different prices, increasing in line with the comforts offered. So, an economy flight will always be the cheapest, but there won’t be as much seat or legroom as there would be in premium economy, business or first class. 

The comforts of business class needn’t break the bank, however. Get your booking in early and you could be looking to pay around £250 for a return flight. It’s only a two-hour flight to Nice from London, but if you’re going to be working the whole way there, a £250 seat in a cabin set up to allow you to do so could be worth your while. 

easyJet flights to Nice 

Flying with different airlines will also affect the price of the flight. A budget airline like easyJet will most likely offer cheaper flights than a national airline like British Airways, Lufthansa or KLM.   

Although the difference in price again depends on when you book versus when you want to fly, it can also vary due to whether the airline offers a direct or indirect flight. A direct flight can be cheaper, especially with an airline like easyJet, and is more likely to be cheaper if you book far ahead. Closer to the departure date, however, an indirect flight with KLM might be cheaper, despite a detour to change over in Amsterdam. 

Flights to Nice from London 

Departing from different airports also causes differences in price. Flying to Nice from London is likely to be cheaper than going from Manchester or Birmingham. 

A lot of the difference is still due to when you book your chosen date to fly, but on a given day a direct flight from Manchester with Jet2.com might be £170, while an indirect flight from London Heathrow with KLM may be £140. 

Top tips for cheap flights to Nice 

Saving money on a cheap flight to Nice might seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to make it easier for you. With our easy-to-use flight comparison, you can compare flights by price, cabin class, departure airport and airline. So, all you have to do is tell us when you want to go, and we can find a great price for you. How Nice is that? 

By Nick Dunn