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Flights to Rio de Janeiro

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Get your carnival on with flights to Rio de Janeiro

If you like beaches, partying, nature, football, interesting architecture and cultural landmarks then compare flights to Rio de Janeiro, and get ready to shake your tailfeathers!

Key points

  • There’s only one airport in Rio de Janeiro that offers international flights: Rio de Janeiro–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) – what a mouthful!
  • London Heathrow is the only UK airport to offer flights to Rio de Janeiro, but you can get layover flights from plenty of other airports, like Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast
  • Cheapest doesn’t always mean best, so compare flights to Rio de Janeiro to find ones that suit your preferences and budget

Rio de Janeiro is the main tourist destination in Brazil. As well as being a party-throwing, beach-going, football-loving city, Brazil is also an important LGBT destination.  

But, before you can enjoy the beach, culture and sunny weather, you need to get there and – let’s face it – long-haul flights aren’t a particularly fun way to travel.  

To help make your trip as satisfying as possible, compare flights to Rio de Janeiro using a comparison site (hey!) to help you find some awesome deals on your flights.  

Rio de Janeiro flights 

Rio de Janeiro has three airports, but only Rio de Janeiro–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) offers international flights.  

British Airways, Air France, Air Portugal, SWISS and KLM are a few of the airlines that have routes between the UK and Rio de Janeiro. Although in summer 2018, BA is the only airline that flies direct from the UK. 


Rio de Janeiro is just under 5,775 miles away from the UK (about a 12-hour flight), so it’s a bit of a slog. But the wildlife, culture and holiday vibes of Rio de Janeiro will be worth it!  

There are two flight types you can get to Rio de Janeiro: a direct or a layover flight.  

Direct and layover flights to Rio de Janeiro 

A direct flight is the quickest way to get to Rio de Janeiro, as your plane will travel straight there.  

You can only get direct flights to Rio de Janeiro from London Heathrow, but it’s expensive and very limited. The more common alternative is catching a layover flight.  

Layover, or multi-leg flights mean that your plane will go to another airport before it arrives at Rio de Janeiro. For example, flying from Glasgow to Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro. While layover flights take longer, they’re often less expensive than flying direct.  

You can get layover flights to Rio de Janeiro from the following places: 

Check the prices and availability of both direct and layover flights to see the cheapest and most suitable way for you to get to Rio de Janeiro.  

GoCompare for some cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro 

If you can, be flexible with your travel plans, and try not to fly during peak times. Midweek is usually quieter.  

If you aren’t too bothered about travelling in luxury, get an economy or premium economy flight ticket, as these tend to be a lot cheaper than travelling business or first class. Bear in mind that Rio de Janeiro is a long flight, so consider the pros and cons of upgrading to comfier seats and more legroom, if your budget allows.  

There’s occasionally a few early-booking or late-savings deals around, so keep your eyes peeled and look at different flight dates.  

Make sure you compare your flights to Rio de Janeiro, and remember that cheapest doesn’t always mean best – so shop around for the right deal for you.  

By Amy Smith