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Gadget insurance guides index

Boot up our Gadget insurance gizmo for guides and facts that'll help you compare gadget insurance policies and providers.

Camera insurance

A dedicated camera insurance policy could protect your tech, or a home insurance policy might offer sufficient cover.

Camera insurance »

Drone insurance

Want a bird's-eye view of drone insurance? Then we've got just the guide for you.

Drone insurance »

Gadget insurance for children

We all love a gadget, and no one more than an easily distracted child in pursuit of entertainment.

Gadget insurance for children »

Gadget insurance for games consoles

Games consoles don't come cheap. Whether you're a die-hard Playstation fan, an Xbox enthusiast or a Nintendo nerd, choosing the right insurance could save you from paying hundreds to replace a lost console if yours ends up damaged, lost or stolen

Gadget insurance for games consoles »

Gadget insurance for smartwatches

Got a gadget strapped to your wrist? Compare smartwatch insurance...

Gadget insurance for smartwatches »

iPad insurance

The Elvis Presley of the tablet world, the iPad is as versatile as it's attractive - which is why gadget insurance is so important for them.

iPad insurance »

Laptop insurance

After weeks of research on battery life, screen resolution and dual core processors, you've just invested in a shiny new laptop. Time to think about insuring your new purchase.

Laptop insurance »

Student gadget insurance

Imagine the scenario. It's freshers' week at your new university. You're nicely settled in the halls of residence. You go out for a night out with your mates and you lose your phone...

Student gadget insurance »

Tablet insurance

Compare tablet insurance for your fancy new gadget

Tablet insurance »

What to do if your phone gets wet

Follow these steps to give your phone the best chance of survival if it takes a dunking

What to do if your phone gets wet »