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Why insure your iPad?

iPad insurance can contribute to the repair or replacement of your device should something happen to it.

iPad's are desirable to thieves. They’re quick to sell on, valuable and much easier to steal than a laptop or TV.

Despite their hardy exterior, iPads are also easily damaged due to the many fragile components they contain.

iPads are expensive too. If it's damaged beyond repair, lost, or stolen, it’s not going to be cheap to replace. Prices range from a few hundred pounds for a basic model, up to £1,000 for a high-spec iPad Pro.

In a nutshell, insuring it means you won't have to pay the full cost to get a new one or have it fixed.

ipad insurance

What's covered under a policy?

An iPad insurance policy will usually cover you for:

  • Accidental damage - This might be offered as an add on. It’ll cover you if you crack your tablet’s screen or if it suffers water damage
  • Mechanical breakdown - If your iPad stops working correctly, this could help cover the cost of repair or replacement
  • Worldwide cover - Cover for when you’re abroad, usually for a certain number of days per trip and/or a limited number of trips per year
  • Theft - You’ll be expected to take precautions to keep your iPad safe, though. Such as storing it securely or using the ‘Find my iPad’ app
  • Loss - You’ll be expected to take precautions against loss too, but iPad insurance could help cover replacement costs if you lose it
  • Multi-gadget - Some policies can cover multiple devices, such as iPads, phones, laptops and cameras

Exclusions and limitations

Here are some of the things you need to check, so you don't get caught out:

  • The amount of excess payable
  • The maximum age of the device
  • Whether you need proof of purchase to make a claim
  • If an iPad needs to be new - If it’s refurbished, it might need to be bought from an official manufacturer or network provider. Not from eBay, for example
  • The minimum age you need to be to take a policy out
  • Whether you need to be a UK resident to take out a policy (this is usually the case)
  • What isn’t covered – For example, cosmetic damage usually isn't included

Compare iPad insurance quotes

You’ll need to provide a few details to compare insurance for your iPad

  1. iPad details

    Such as the make and model

  2. Your information

    Like your name, date of birth and address

  3. Payment method

    Do you want to pay monthly or in full?

  4. Excess

    How much you want to contribute towards the cost of a claim

  5. Extras

    Are there any cover add-ons you’d like included?

Compare iPad insurance

Alternatives to iPad insurance


Apple offer their own care packages when you buy an iPad. You'll get technical support and some hardware service options. But, you don't get accidental damage cover unless you pay extra and upgrade to AppleCare+.

You won’t be covered for theft, loss or taking your iPad with you on your travels. For more extensive cover, insurance might be a better investment.

Retailer's extended warranties

If you buy your iPad from another shop, instead of directly from Apple, chances are you'll be offered an extended warranty.

Extended warranties are sold heavily by retailers. They make a lot of money off them. Read the small print and check it’s worth paying for before you commit.

Contents insurance

If you have home insurance, check whether your gadgets are covered under it. They might not be covered outside the home though. So, if you take your iPad out and about, you won't be able make a claim if it goes missing or gets stolen.

Contents insurance won't cover you for breakdown either. But, iPad insurance could get you back up and running if your iPad needs repairing.

Insurance with your bank account or credit card

You may have some cover under an insurance policy attached to your bank account or credit card. These usually only offer limited cover, so check the terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Get in touch with your insurer to claim and they’ll walk you through the process. You’ll need a crime reference number from the police to make a claim for theft of your iPad.

You might be asked to provide a receipt, bank or credit card statement as proof of purchase before you can take out a policy. A few insurers may accept picture or video evidence of you owning the camera instead of a receipt or bank statement.

Insurers will usually want the serial number of your iPad for their records. If you replace it, make sure you update them with the new iPad's number.

Yes, some insurers offer a multi-gadget policy.

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