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Energy suppliers and how they pay us

Details of suppliers you see if you compare energy through GoCompare, the way results are shown, as well as when and how we're paid.

Gas and electricityIf you choose to compare gas and electricity through Goompare and our partner Runpath[1] you’ll automatically be shown all the tariffs you can switch to easily through us.

However, you'll also have the option to toggle between this view and seeing all other tariffs on the results page.

Remember that, even if we have a commercial relationship with a particular supplier, that supplier may not offer the opportunity to switch to all of their tariffs through our service, although you'll be able to see all the options by selecting 'show all tariffs in the market'.

The circumstances of whether or not you can switch to a particular tariff through our site will be determined by the supplier.

If comparison tools have no choice but to offer a supplier's product, how can they negotiate a good deal with them? The energy supplier holds all the cards.
Andrea Coscelli, Competition and Markets Authority

It may be that the supplier has a tariff available via limited channels, or if you're an existing customer you'll need to apply to the supplier directly to switch.

We made the decision to show you tariffs in this way as we believe this will create competition in the energy market and encourage more suppliers to join GoCompare's energy panel, making it even simpler to switch and save.

It will also help to discourage unsustainable deals, whereby smaller providers can offer the cheapest deals but aren't able to cope with the volume of customers this attracts or rises in gas prices. 

In April, 2016, acting chief executive of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Andrea Coscelli commented, "Unlike for car insurance, comparison tools are required to show prices from every company on the market. This might seem like it's doing consumers a favour by making their life easier and creating a one-stop shop for energy.

"The problem is that it also means these sites may be unable to negotiate low prices with energy companies. If comparison tools have no choice but to offer a supplier's product, how can they negotiate a good deal with them? The energy supplier holds all the cards.

"They may even get listed without paying commission. This is a problem because if comparison tools can't negotiate a good deal with the supplier, then they can't pass them on to us as customers. They may even have to list suppliers that provide a poor service to customers."

How we get paid

If you’d like to switch to one of the tariffs which isn’t offered through our service we’re glad to have helped you find the right deal, but you’ll have to contact the supplier directly yourself.

The commission we receive doesn’t affect the price you pay - it’s not added on and the unit rates for the tariff would be the same if you applied directly

If, on the other hand, you’d like to switch to a tariff through us then Runpath will handle your switch application with the supplier.

Runpath receives a commission payment for each fuel switch successfully completed through the Gocompare.com service, and we receive a proportion of this.

The commission we receive doesn’t affect the price you pay - it’s not added on and the unit rates for the tariff would be the same if you applied directly.

We liken it to the advertising and service fees a supplier would've had to pay to attract your custom themselves, and the payment allows us to offer the comparison and switching service at no cost to you, whether you decide to switch through us or not.

Commission doesn’t affect the order of the results - these are displayed in order of the potential saving from largest to smallest, and we’ll tell you if a tariff may cost you more than your current deal.

Energy suppliers serving mainland UK and details of their commercial relationships with Gocompare.com:

*List correct as of 30 May, 2018

SupplierFuels offered through Gocompare.comGocompare.com receives payment for switches?
Affect EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Angelic EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Avro EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Better EnergyGas onlyNo
BoostDual fuel/electric onlyYes
Breeze EnergyDual fuel onlyNo
Brilliant EnergyGas and/or electricNo
British GasGas and/or electricYes
BulbDual fuel/electric onlyYes
Cardiff Energy Supply LimitedGas onlyNo
Co-operative EnergyGas and/or electricNo
DaligasGas onlyYes
EGas and/or electricNo
E.ONGas and/or electricYes
EbicoGas and/or electricNo
Economy EnergyGas and/or electricNo
EcotricityGas and/or electricNo
EDF EnergyGas and/or electricYes
Electraphase LimitedElectric onlyNo
EnergySWDual fuel/electric onlyNo
EngieGas and/or electricNo
EnstrogaElectric onlyNo
Entice EnergyGas onlyNo
EversmartDual fuel onlyNo
ExtraenergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
FairerpowerDual fuel/electric onlyNo
First UtilityDual fuel/electric onlyYes
Fischer EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Flow EnergyGas and/or electricNo
GB EnergyGas and/or electricNo
GEN4UDual fuel/electric onlyNo
GnERGYGas and/or electricNo
Go EffortlessGas and/or electricNo
Good EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Green EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Green Network EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Green Star EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Gulf Gas & Power UKDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Igloo EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Iresa LimitedDual fuel/electric onlyNo
iSupplyEnergyGas and/or electricYes
LeccyGas and/or electricNo
M&S EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyYes
Nabuh EnergyGas and/or electricNo
NpowerGas and/or electricYes
Octopus EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyYes
OneSelectGas and/or electricityNo
Orbit EnergyDual fuel onlyNo
Our PowerDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Ovo EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyYes
People's EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Peterborough EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
PFP EnergyGas and/or electricYes
PowershopDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Pure PlanetDual fuel/electric onlyNo
RAM EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Robin Hood EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Sainsbury's EnergyGas and/or electricYes
ScottishPowerGas and/or electricYes
SimplicityDual fuel onlyNo
So EnergyGas and/or electricNo
SolarplicityGas and/or electricYes
Southend EnergyDual fuel onlyNo
Spark EnergyGas and/or electricNo
SSE (comprising a number of brands - SSE, SSE Atlantic, SSE Scottish Hydro, SSE Southern Electric, SSE Swalec)Gas and/or electricYes
The Energy DealGas and/or electricNo
Together EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
TonikDual fuel/electric onlyYes
Toto EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Usio EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
UtilitaGas and/or electricNo
Utility PointGas and/or electricNo
Utility WarehouseGas and/or electricNo
White Rose EnergyGas and/or electricNo
Yorkshire EnergyDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Your Energy SussexGas and/or electricNo
Zebra PowerDual fuel/electric onlyNo
Zog EnergyGas onlyNo