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How to find your gas and electricity supplier

Who supplies your energy can seem a confusing question, but it's easy to find and we can help.


The amount of UK electricity transfers rose by 9.9% between April 2017 and April 2018, and the number of gas transfers also increased by 22.5% during the same period, according to Gov.uk. 

This shows that more people in Britain are switching energy suppliers, which is great! But how can you switch suppliers if you're not sure who your gas or electricity supplier is? Luckily, there are easy ways of finding out. 

Try asking the previous occupier, the estate agent, or the landlord or letting agency if you are renting, and check whether there's a letter addressed to the occupant from an energy company who may have been informed of a change of occupancy.

If none of these options get you the information you need, follow the simple steps below.

Who supplies my gas?

The Energy Networks Association has a handy tool which uses your postcode to tell you who the gas supplier is in your area, and how to contact them. Alternatively, Find My Supplier goes one step further; as well as telling you who your gas supplier is, you can also find out your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) - just by entering your postcode!

If you'd prefer to use the phone, contact the Meter Point Administration Service on 0870 608 1524. They'll also supply you with your MPRN, a number that is unique to your property and doesn't change, even if you switch your gas provider.

Who supplies my electricity?

This is a little more complicated than finding your gas supplier, as there are more than a few suppliers. There are actually 14 Distribution Network Operators covering different regions of the UK.

The regional supplier phone numbers are below, but you'll need to know which region your property falls under. To find this out, look in the phone book or use a search, like the one mentioned above by the Energy Networks Association.

AreaSupplierPhone number
Northern Scotland and Southern EnglandScottish and Southern Energy0845 603 0618
Central and Southern ScotlandSP Energy Networks0330 1010 300
Merseyside, Cheshire,
North Shropshire, North Wales
SP Energy Networks0330 1010 300
Midlands, South West and South WalesWestern Power Distribution0800 096 3080
North West EnglandElectricity Northwest0800 195 4141
North East EnglandNorthern Powergrid0800 011 3332
London, South East and East EnglandUK Power Networks0800 029 4285
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Electricity03457 643 643

Be aware that while the Distribution Network Operators above cover these general regions, there may be a few areas within that region that are covered by another network supplier. So, it's worth double checking exactly who your energy supplier is by using an online search or calling the Meter Point Administration Service (0870 608 1524), before you start contacting area-specific suppliers. 

By Amy Smith