Gas and electricity guides

Our Gas and electricity library give you the facts, so you can make the right choice when you compare energy suppliers and price plans.

British Gas

Learn more about British Gas and see whether they're the right energy provider for you.

The energy price cap

If you’re on a standard energy tariff, the energy price cap will probably apply to your charges. Find out what it means for your bills and how you could shop around to get a better deal.

What happens if your energy supplier goes bust

Your energy won’t be cut off, but what should you do when your current energy supplier stops trading?

What’s happening in the energy market?

Gas and electricity prices are rising and energy companies are going bust – find out what this means for you and what help is available if you’re struggling.

Domestic wind turbines

Thinking of harnessing wind power for your home? See if a domestic wind turbine is for you.

Economy 7 tariffs

Compare Economy 7 energy prices and read about how customers on Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs can switch suppliers and meters.

Economy 10 meters

Find out how an Economy 10 meter might help you save on your energy bills.


Want to know more about EDF's energy tariffs? Read on to find out more about the supplier and how to switch your gas and electricity.

E energy

Switching energy providers? Find out whether E might be the right choice for your gas and electricity.

Energy cooling-down periods explained

Find out more about your right to change your mind when you switch energy supplier.

Energy cost calculator

Find out how much it costs to run common household appliances and compare them against each other.

Energy per kWh

What does kWh actually mean? Find out with our handy lowdown of this unit of energy.

Energy suppliers and commissions

Details of suppliers you see if you compare energy through GoCompare, the way results are shown and when and how commissions are paid.


Thinking of switching energy suppliers and want to know more about E.ON? Read on to find out more about this supplier's prices and tariffs.

Smart export guarantee

Learn about smart export guarantee (SEG) and some things to consider if you want to invest in renewable technology to help you create, and earn money from, your own electricity.

Fixed and capped rate energy tariffs

Choosing a fixed or capped tariff for your gas and electricity can offer certainty on energy bills - learn whether it's the right option for you and compare deals.

Green energy tariffs

Get all the information you need on green energy tariffs and see whether they can save you money.

Heating oil for domestic homes

Learn about home heating oil for domestic energy and get tips on how households using this form of fuel can cut their energy bills.

How to find your gas and electricity supplier

Who supplies your energy can seem a confusing question, but it's easy to find out with the help of our guide.

How to switch energy supplier

More and more of us are switching energy supplier, and it's no surprise why - you could save £230 a year if you switch, according to energy regulator Ofgem.

LPG (liquid petroleum gas) for home heating

LPG (liquid petroleum gas) such as Calor Gas is used by some as a source of home heating. Try our money-saving tips for LPG customers.


Find out more about 'big six' supplier Npower and compare prices to save money on gas and electricity.

Overpaying on your energy bill

Are you overpaying your bills? Check your direct debits or you may be giving your utility company a free loan.


Thinking of switching energy companies? OVO is one of the smaller and newer suppliers you might consider for gas and electricity.

Prepayment meters and tariffs

Compare prepayment meter energy prices and learn more about how prepaid gas and electricity customers can cut their bills.

Saving money on your gas and electricity

Tips on how to reduce your energy usage and save money on your utilities bills.

Scottish Power

Find out more about energy supplier Scottish Power. Compare quotes to see if you could save by switching.

Small energy suppliers

What are the pros and cons of choosing a small energy firm? Find out then compare tariffs against the 'big six' gas and electricity suppliers.

Smart meters

The majority of homes in the UK are set to have a smart energy meter by 2020, but what are they exactly and could having one save you money?

Solar power and panels

Solar panels are now a common feature on UK roofs, allowing homeowners to generate their own power and benefit from feed-in tariffs.

Solid fuel heating and boilers

Solid fuel heating in the form of coal, wood and other biomass warms huge numbers of UK homes. Try our money-saving tips for solid fuel customers.


Thinking of switching energy provider? Read more about SSE and compare prices to find out if you could save money.

Standard variable tariffs (SVTs)

A standard variable rate energy tariff may perhaps more easily be described as the default price plan that your energy supplier will put you on if you fail to shop around. Read more about these controversial tariffs.

Switch dual fuel

Choosing a dual-fuel tariff can be a more convenient way to manage your energy bills as both gas and electricity will come from the same supplier.

Tenants and energy switching

Tenants have as much right to switch their gas and electricity tariff as homeowners - and there may be significant savings to be made.

Time-of-use tariffs

Learn more about gas and electricity settlement reform and how smart meters could help pave the way for true time-of-use energy tariffs.

Types of electricity meter

Find out more about the electricity meter you have, and the types available for you and your home.

Warm Home Discount scheme

Learn about the government-backed Warm Home Discount scheme and why it may be a key consideration when switching energy suppliers.

Boiler and central heating cover

Our guide to boiler and central heating cover will help you ensure you’re not left out in the cold if things go wrong.

Electricity and gas prices on caravan sites

The cost of gas and electricity on caravan sites can be a controversial subject. Find out more about such energy prices and ways you may be able to cut bills.

Energy checklist when you move home

Our energy checklist will help you with your gas and electricity when you move into your new home.

Help with fuel bills

Find out if you're eligible for help with the cost of your fuel bills.

UK regional energy prices

Did you know that the price you pay for energy will vary significantly depending on which region of the UK you live in?

How to read your energy bills

If you don't read your gas and electricity bills, you should - and here's why.

Renewable world

We've looked at the world's energy usage as it is today, and three potential forecasts for our future from leading climate change research bodies.

Kinetic athletics

There's a valuable source of energy right under our feet... our footsteps. Over the course of a football game, the energy produced by a single player could fully charge a mobile phone. See what else could be powered with this untapped energy source...

Carbon footprint calculator

Our daily lives can have a big impact on the environment. From driving to your diet, find out how your lifestyle stacks up ecologically.

Big business energy

See how some of the biggest companies compare when we look at their annual energy usage - and how much of it is from renewable sources.

Ancient energy

We’ve delved into the history books to uncover the power sources of the ancient world. Sometimes their authenticity is debated, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide

Renewable feats

The majority of our energy has historically come from fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal but with limited non-renewable sources, increased demand for energy and pressure to reduce carbon emissions more focus is being placed on renewable sources of energy. Just as we celebrate historical engineering masterpieces like the Taj Mahal and the Roman Coliseum, we should celebrate our renewable feats.

What powers the world

How much of the world’s electricity is still reliant on coal, oil and gas? Flick the switches to see where the world would go dark without fossil fuels, which countries rely the most on nuclear, and who is using entirely renewable power to keep the lights on.

Energy efficiency: Heating Britain’s homes

Heating our homes while keeping costs down will be on everyone’s mind as temperatures drop this winter. So, just how important is a property’s energy efficiency to UK residents?