Getting your boiler serviced

Regularly get your boiler serviced and checked to make sure a faulty one isn't wasting your money on energy – winter can be demanding on a boiler.

Amy Smith
Amy Smith
Updated 19 June 2020  | 2 min read

Key points

  • You should get your boiler serviced at least once a year
  • If you’re a landlord, it’s a legal requirement
  • Ask for a written report of the service
  • If you think there’s a problem, don’t wait until your service to get it checked out

How often should you service your boiler?

You should get your boiler serviced at least once a year, no matter which boiler you have.

It keeps the heating system running safely and efficiently. It's likely to be a requirement to keep your warranty valid in many cases.

The best time of year is to have your boiler serviced is during the summer, as you’re less reliant on your boiler, so it doesn’t matter so much if there’s a fault that needs fixing.

If you’re concerned that your boiler isn’t working correctly, get in touch with a registered and qualified engineer. Even if your annual service isn’t due yet, there could be a safety issue.

What does a boiler service involve?

A boiler service should last around 30 minutes, and will generally include:

  1. Inspecting your boiler and controls to make sure it’s working properly
  2. Checking your boiler for corrosion and leaks
  3. Taking off the casing of your boiler to inspect the main components
  4. Checking the gas pressure
  5. Testing the flue to make sure it’s not emitting any unsafe fumes
  6. Cleaning the parts (if tests indicate it needs it)
  7. Putting the casing back on and checking the seals

Ask your engineer what’s included in the boiler service, and make sure they at least cover the basics listed above.

Ask for a written report and check it is accurately filled out.

Why is a boiler service important?

The main reason is safety. If there’s an unseen problem with your boiler, it’ll be picked up during the service before it becomes dangerous.

If you’re a landlord, it’s a legal requirement to have an annual boiler service.

Getting your boiler serviced can also prevent small issues from turning into a full breakdown. It helps keep your energy bills low as well, by making sure your boiler performing efficiently.

What can go wrong with a boiler?

Different types of boilers come with different problems. The most common boiler on the market is known as a condensing boiler and one of the main problems with them can be caused by the condensed liquid as it’s removed by a pipe.

If your condensing boiler stops working, and the temperature outside is below zero, it might be because the liquid in the condensate pipe is frozen.

Low pressure, unreliable thermostats, trapped air, blocked or leaking pipes, issues with gas supply and noisy boilers and pipes are a few other common problems with various boilers.