Energy comparison sites – how we work

Updated 23 April 2020  | 2 min read

Who are GoCompare partnered with?

GoCompare has partnered with Energylinx, part of the GoCompare Group, to help you switch your energy.

If you choose to compare gas and electricity through GoCompare and our partner Energylinx you’ll automatically be shown all the tariffs you can switch to easily through us.

Can I choose tariffs you aren’t offering?

Whether or not you can switch to a particular tariff through our site is up to the supplier.

It may be that the supplier has a tariff available via limited channels, or if you're an existing customer you'll need to apply to the supplier directly.

If you’d like to switch to a tariff which isn’t offered through our service, we’re glad that you’ve found the right deal, but you’ll have to contact the supplier directly yourself.

How energy comparison works

If you’d like to switch to a tariff through us then Energylinx will handle your switch application with the supplier.

Energylinx receives a commission payment for each fuel switch successfully completed through us, and we receive a proportion of this.

The commission we receive doesn’t affect the price you pay - it’s not added on and the unit rates for the tariff would be the same if you applied directly.

We liken it to the advertising and service fees a supplier would've had to pay to attract your custom themselves. The payment allows us to offer the comparison and switching service at no cost to you, whether you decide to switch through us or not.

Commission doesn’t affect the order of the results. These are displayed in order of the potential savings from largest to smallest. We’ll tell you if a tariff may cost you more than your current deal.