Due to rising costs, many providers have removed their deals from the market, so we're unable to switch you right now

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Spiralling energy costs have forced many suppliers to remove their tariffs

What this means for you:

• We probably can’t save you any money right now because there aren't enough tariffs to compare

• We hope we can help you save in the future – but we don’t know when that’ll be

• If you go direct to energy suppliers’ websites you might find better deals

We believe in always doing the right thing for our customers – which is why we’d rather tell you now, so you don’t waste time quoting if we probably can’t help you.

EDF is one of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers in the UK and - according to the citizens advice bureau - it's in first place place out of 20 suppliers for customer service ratings.[2]

Which types of energy tariff do EDF offer?

There are a range of fixed and variable EDF Energy tariffs available to you.

Whether you have a prepaid meter, smart meter or standard meter, EDF Energy has a range of options for your energy.

Standard tariffs

EDF Energy's standard tariff is a variable rate. The price per unit can change at any time, but EDF will let you know if it's going to do that.

Because you’ll get told if the price is going to hike up, you can shop around and switch to a cheaper tariff in plenty of time. There are no exit fees whenever you do decide to switch.

Fixed tariffs

EDF Energy offers a range of fixed tariffs to help you plan and budget. That way, you’ll know exactly how much your gas and electricity is going to cost per unit for a set period of time.

Packages may include:

  • Heating and boiler cover
  • Online only (paperless) options
  • Direct debit discounts
  • Controlling your heating via an Amazon Alexa smart speaker

Prepayment tariffs

EDF offers two different prepayment tariffs – an Economy 7 tariff and a standard variable tariff.

If you’re on a prepaid meter, you may want to think about asking your energy provider if you can switch to a different type of meter as they can be expensive.

Dual fuel tariffs

All EDF tariffs are available as dual fuel, providing both gas and electricity to your home if requested.

How much do EDF Energy tariffs cost?

You can use a price comparison site to find the EDF tariffs relevant to you and compare gas and electricity prices to find the cheapest option easily. It’s worth checking out the other deals on the market as you could save money with a different supplier.

Because EDF is a larger supplier, if you qualify for the Warm Home Discount scheme, you could get back up to £140 on your bills.

Your energy costs will be calculated based on your current usage. The larger your house or household, generally the higher your bills will be.

How to contact EDF

EDF has a variety of ways to contact it – there's lots of information online, but also dedicated phone numbers and online chat.

EDF Energy only uses UK-based call centres.

How green is EDF Energy?

EDF claims to be one of Britain's biggest zero carbon generators.

How do I switch gas and electricity supplier to EDF Energy?

EDF are part of the Energy Switch Guarantee. What this means is that EDF will take responsibility for the switch of your account from your current energy provider.

You won't have to contact your old supplier. EDF will do that for you and confirm your switch date over to it.

Ofgem says that switches can take up to 21 days (including a 14-day cooling-off period). But they usually take around 17 days.

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[1]GoCompare has partnered with Energylinx, part of the GoCompare Group, to help you switch energy. Energylinx Limited is registered in Scotland, registration number: SC244794, registered office: the e Centre, Cooperage Way, Business Village, Alloa, FK10 3LP.

[2]Last checked 8 September 2022