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Due to rising costs, many providers have removed their deals from the market, so we're unable to switch you right now

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Wait! Read this before you get quotes…

Spiralling energy costs have forced many suppliers to remove their tariffs

What this means for you:

• We probably can’t save you any money right now because there aren't enough tariffs to compare

• We hope we can help you save in the future – but we don’t know when that’ll be

• If you go direct to energy suppliers’ websites you might find better deals

We believe in always doing the right thing for our customers – which is why we’d rather tell you now, so you don’t waste time quoting if we probably can’t help you.

OVO Energy (or simply OVO) is a Bristol-based energy supplier that launched in 2009. It provides gas and electricity to UK homes and is committed to making energy cheaper, greener and simpler.

OVO was once among the smaller energy suppliers. But in early 2020 the company acquired SSE’s home energy business. They took on 3.5m SSE customers – adding to the 1.5m existing customer base, the deal has made OVO the second largest supplier, behind British Gas.

The OVO Foundation is the supplier’s charity. It supports charitable organisations to tackle educational inequality, youth homelessless and access to energy.

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What do OVO offer?

OVO Energy has various tariffs, or ‘energy plans’ as they call them. Because the supplier is committed to sustainable energy, every plan has 100% renewable electricity as standard. You also have the choice of upgrading to OVO’s Green Energy upgrade 'OVO Beyond' which offers various carbon cutting measures.

OVO Energy tariffs

OVO Energy offers one fixed-rate tariff and a standard variable rate one.

Better Energy Plan

The first is their Better Energy Plan, which is a 12-month fixed-rate tariff. This will lock in a set price for energy for a year, protecting you against price increases. But you won’t benefit if energy prices fall.

Simpler Energy plan

OVO Energy also has a standard variable tariff (SVT), called the Simpler Energy Plan. Energy prices could rise and fall and there are no exit fees. However this plan isn’t currently available to new members.

You might be automatically put on the SVT when your OVO fixed plan comes to an end.

OVO smart meters

OVO offers smart meters. If you’re an existing customer you can book an installation. If not you can get a quote for installation.

Smart meters are the new generation of energy meters. They can help you monitor energy use and save money. They provide accurate meter readings, in real time, so you can work out which of your appliances is costing you the most to run.

OVO customer reviews

So what do OVO’s customers think about the supplier?

A Citizens Advice survey places OVO 17 out of 20 suppliers for service – with an average score of 1.9 out of five. While they received four stars for ease of switching, OVO was rated three stars for customer guarantees and the clarity of its bills. That said, OVO is overall rated ‘great’ on Trustpilot, with just 11% of customers rating the supplier ‘bad’, compared with 69% rating OVO ‘excellent’.[2]

How do I switch to OVO?

You’ll only need a few details for this, like your postcode and contact details. You’ll also need to provide your energy usage. If you don’t know, you can answer some simple questions about your home and lifestyle to get quotes.

[1]GoCompare has partnered with Energylinx, part of the GoCompare Group, to help you switch energy. Energylinx Limited is registered in Scotland, registration number: SC244794, registered office: the e Centre, Cooperage Way, Business Village, Alloa, FK10 3LP

[2]Last checked 13 March 2023