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GoFurther Academy

Bridging the gap between education and the workplace  
  • GoCompare proudly presents the GoFurther Academy 
  • The academy will offer graduate schemes, internships and more 
  • The GoCompare Sponsored Degree will offer a degree without debt 

GoFurther logo

Do you have the potential to go further?

Here at GoCompare, our staff are at the heart of our business.     

That’s why we make sure they can be at the top of their game. 

So we’re proud to be launching the GoFurther Academy – an initiative that will enable the existing workforce and prospective students to develop and progress. 

Launching in May 2018, the GoFurther Academy will offer a range of programmes including sponsorships, graduate schemes, internships, apprenticeships and work placements/experiences. Wowzers! 

The beating heart of GoCompare 

Our staff make GoCompare the brilliant business that it is so we like to make sure they’re looked after. 

By launching the academy, we’re able to offer our talented bunch even more opportunities for development so they’re able to expand their range of expertise, knowledge and competencies. 

We want our team to reach their highest potential, and by establishing links between educational establishments and GoCompare, our employees have the chance to enhance their skills and achieve their aspirations. 

The GoFurther Academy will create a more robust and diverse pipeline of talent for the company. 

As well as helping our staff to prosper, we do a lot for our community. The GoFurther Academy will allow us to go the extra mile. 

We’re keen to find and nurture home grown talent by helping fresh faces to kick-start their careers. 

Out of the classroom, into the workplace…

We know that it can be difficult to jump from education to work so we’re bridging that gap. 

Working with local colleges and universities, the academy will offer the opportunity for students to achieve recognised qualifications while gaining valuable experience. Who can say fairer than that, eh? 

Students could be learning from leaders in their field and working side by side with GoCompare staff to develop their skills and knowledge. 

On top of all this, initiatives such as the GoCompare Sponsored Degree could offer students a competitive salary while they work so there’s no debt looming over their heads when they finish. 

And how does it benefit us? 

The GoFurther Academy can bring us new bright sparks with innovative and creative ideas. It’s a win-win!