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Frequently asked questions on health insurance

Get the answers to FAQs on health insurance, then compare quotes to find the right deal for you.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance - also known as private medical insurance (PMI) - is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for illnesses and injuries that are curable and short term.

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What does health insurance cover?

Cover will depend on the policy you choose and the amount that you pay, but it may include:Stethoscope

  • Outpatient treatments
  • Day-patient treatments
  • In-patient treatments

What are the potential benefits of being a private patient?

The benefits of being a private patient will depend on your policy but could include:

  • Shorter waiting lists than the NHS
  • Private rooms, possibly with own en-suite
  • Facilities such as a television
  • Possible access to a wider range of treatments than what is available on the NHS

How much will a private medical insurance policy cost?

This is dependent on:

  • Level of cover required
  • Individual circumstances
  • The policy itself

Does being healthy affect my premium?

It's possible that adopting a healthier lifestyle could reduce the amount you pay for your policy - read more in our article on how being healthy affects premiums.

What is not covered by a private medical policy?

Health insurance policies do not generally cover:

  • Chronic conditions ie those that cannot be cured
  • GP services
  • Accident and emergency admissions
  • Pre-existing conditions

Are there other exclusions on private medical policies? Guide to the EHIC

Circumstances or events that may not be covered include:

  • Drug abuse
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Infertility
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Preventative treatment
  • Mobility aids

What are the benefits of an EHIC card?

UK holders of an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) are entitled to state-provided medical treatment in the European Economic Area. An EHIC does not cover repatriation to the UK, the use of a private ambulance or medical facility, nor other incidentals.

Any other questions?

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By Sean Davies