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Compare holiday insurance

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Compare holiday insurance from over 45 brands

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  • Great savings - single trip holiday insurance from as little as £4.57 [1]
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Why do you need travel insurance?

Travel nightmares don’t just happen to other people. You could easily find yourself in a spot of bother whilst on holiday too. Just ask the thousands of people who claim for lost baggage, stolen cameras, broken bones and flight cancellations every year. They would tell you that making sure you have the right travel insurance policy before you set off is worth every penny. 

Without travel insurance you would be responsible for all costs should the worst happen, including medical expenses and the cost of replacing valuable items. Do you really want to take that risk?

Did you know?

The most common travel insurance claim is for medical bills. Pre-existing and reoccurring health problems and adventures that go wrong are just some of the reasons why.

What type of traveller are you?

Whether you’re taking a gap year, going on a number of business excursions or a one-off winter ski adventure, Gocompare.com can help you find the travel insurance policy that’s right for you. Read more about the different types of travel insurance available in our travel insurance guide and find a great deal by using Gocompare.com.