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Dubrovnik holidays

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A jewel on the Adriatic Coast, beloved by literary heroes like Lord Byron, Dubrovnik is fast becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. So, if you fancy a unique holiday in the sun this year, what are you waiting for?

Key points

  • There are several types of holiday you can enjoy in Dubrovnik, such as package holidays or all-inclusive stays
  • Dubrovnik has plenty of attractions from the historical to the cultural
  • You can enjoy a guided tour of the filming locations for Game of Thrones

One of the oldest cities in Europe, Dubrovnik is rich in history and culture. 

Nestled on the coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it offers pristine beaches, interesting historical sites, and plenty more besides for the discerning traveller. 

So, when you’re planning your next holiday in the sun, why not visit the Pearl of the Adriatic? 

Dubrovnik holidays 

You can enjoy several different types of holiday in Dubrovnik. Those that like to plan ahead and budget well might choose to buy flights and hotel rooms separately, but way ahead of the dates of travel. 

This can be cheaper than buying a package or an all-inclusive deal, as it allows you the freedom to choose when you fly, and you have your choice of accommodation. 


For those who prefer everything done in one go, you could get an all-inclusive holiday at the Valamar Club. This would cover the cost of the flight, the room and all your meals in one purchase. So, if all you want is to relax by the pool, that could well be the deal for you.  

A package holiday represents something of a middle ground between the two. Your flight and room will be covered in the cost, but what kind of room depends on what you choose. 

You may be able to get a half-board room, or you may end up somewhere that’s room only. The latter tends to make for a cheaper purchase, as you’re not including the cost of meals. But prices will vary across providers, dates, and the star rating of the accommodation you want. 

Things to do in Dubrovnik 

It’s a city famous for its culture, its history, and for playing host to the filming crew for Game of Thrones. So, for travellers of all stripes, there’s lots to enjoy in Dubrovnik. 

Did you know...?

Dubrovnik banned slavery in the 1400s, 450 years before Britain or America

Dubrovnik beaches 

A far cry from the sandy marvels of places like the Maldives or Ibiza, Dubrovnik nonetheless boasts some impressive beaches. Most of them are pebble beaches rather than sandy, but sun-loungers are in plentiful supply, so comfort won’t be a problem. 

You could check out Sveti Jakov, near the Old Town, for a favoured haunt of locals. If you’d prefer something more secluded, you can always visit the nearby island of Lokrum. Although, to spare you blushes if you're thinking of visiting with the family: it’s famous for its nudist beach. 

If you’d prefer a more active beach excursion, you can find the Buza Bar in the Old Town near the Jesuit Stairs. This hole-in-the-wall bar will serve you drinks – which may give you the liquid courage you need to go cliff-diving. 

Dubrovnik Old Town 

No visit is complete without visiting the impregnable city walls. First built in the 9th century (over 1,000 years ago!), these walls have never been breached by an invading force. They now enclose the entirety of the Old Town, and offer gorgeous views over its rooftops as well as over the Adriatic. Be careful on hot days: there’s limited shelter, so take lots of water with you.  

You might even be lucky enough to snag a hotel in the Old Town, in which case you can enjoy its historical atmosphere and gorgeous rooftop views for your whole stay. 

The Old Town is also famous worldwide as one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones. It forms the backdrop for King’s Landing, as well as several other settings in the TV series. 

Fans of the show can get guided tours, some of which may take you to neighbouring Split – the setting for the city of Meereen. Even if you aren’t part of a tour group, you’ll be able to see the tours going around – some of the guides dress up in costumes from the series. 

The Old Town isn’t the only historical site in Dubrovnik. There are plenty of museums and cathedrals across the city. For example, you could while away a few hours in the Jewish Museum at the second-oldest still-functioning synagogue in Europe, or visit the Archaeological Museum. 

If your interests lie in the medieval, you could have a look at the Cathedral of the Assumption. Built on the site of a 7the-century basilica, this cathedral was expanded upon greatly in the 12th century. King Richard I of England was apparently rescued from a shipwreck on the island of Lokrum, and donated a gift of funds to help expand the cathedral. 


Dubrovnik nightlife 

If touring the Old Town gets too much for you, you can relax in the Park Gradac, a pine oasis that offers some much-needed shade from the summer sun.  

Then, when night descends, Dubrovnik’s club scene wakes up. It isn’t huge – Revelin Culture Club is the only dedicated nightclub. But there are several venues that offer live gigs and DJ sets, and the city is home to plenty of bars, like the Cave Bar More (pronounced ‘moor-ay’) or The Bar by Azur. 

If you’re not up for clubbing or a drink in a bar, you could always attend the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It’s an open-air cultural festival, exhibiting jazz musicians, opera singers, theatre performances and films.    

By Nick Dunn