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Holidays to Naples

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Compare holidays to Naples and get ready to soak up the flavours of this special Italian city

Compare quotes now for holidays to Naples. With Capri, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast nearby, there's plenty to see around Napoli.

Key points

  • Spring and autumn are great times for a holiday to Naples, as the weather's warm rather than scorching, and prices tend to be lower than in summer
  • Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi Coast are all nearby and are well worth a visit when you're in Naples
  • Compare quotes for holidays to Naples to make your euros go further

Napoli is on the rise. This electric city has shaken off the shackles of corruption and chaos to become an amazing city break destination. And with the Amalfi Coast nearby, it's also awesome for beach holidays too. 

Chuck in its Roman history and the wonderful food and you've got an excellent Italian adventure on your hands. 

If you’re ready to make it happen then compare quotes for holidays to Naples now!   

Holidays to Naples, Italy 

Naples is Italy's third-largest city and the capital of Campania and southern Italy. Three million people are squeezed into this ancient port city underneath the imposing Mount Vesuvius. It's hectic, raw and noisy, and it'll steal your heart. 

Did you know...?

The Gabinetto Segreto is a collection of erotic art from Pompeii. It was hidden from the general public for 181 years. 

It'll also rock your taste buds. Forget the diet and indulge in the glorious gelato, exquisite espressos and perfect pizzas of Naples. It’s ground zero for pizza after all, its spiritual home, and the location of the world's first pizzeria in 1830.  

Then there's the sites and sights of Museo Archeologico Nazionale, the Cimitero delle Fontanelle, and Castel Sant’Elmo. Naples has the food, it has the history, and it has the art. And it takes less than three hours to fly here from the UK, so it’s perfect for a long weekend! 

Holidays to Naples and Pompeii  

Mount Vesuvius and *spoiler alert* the towns it famously destroyed, Pompeii and Herculaneum, are a short trip from Naples. Explore one of Europe's great archaeological sites in Pompeii, a Roman town frozen in time by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in AD79. It’s a must see. Pompeii is a 30-to-45-minute drive from Naples and is also easily accessible from Sorrento too. 

After the history lessons (it's a lot more fun than the ones from school), why not hike up Vesuvius itself? The gravel path up takes 30 minutes and is OK for most fitness levels. Sadly, you won't see lava bubbling away in the crater, but you will get a stunning panorama of the Bay of Naples. 

Package holidays to Naples  

A popular way to see Napoli and southern Italy is on a package holiday. Booking your flights to Naples International Airport, as well as your hotel and transfers in one go, is often a money-saver. 

Many UK travel operators offer package holidays to Naples, with airports across the UK doing direct flights. It's then up to you where you go from there. 

A hotel in Naples plants you right in the middle of the action, while one further down the Amalfi Coast will allow you to combine the seaside with a city break. There’s also the option of heading to the dream island of Capri. Mamma mia! 

How to find cheap holidays to Naples 

Summertime is Naples’ peak time, despite some shops and eateries closing as people head to the beach in August. Spring and autumn are the best times to come with warm days and cheaper prices. Also, Pizzafest is held in September every year.  

Book well in advance whenever you decide to come to Napoli. And fit in an online comparison to find the best deals out there for cheap holidays to Naples! 

By Sam Easterbrook