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Holidays in Vietnam

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  • Find multiple prices for holidays to Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and beyond
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Compare holidays to Vietnam to find the perfect vacation for you

Thinking of a getaway to Vietnam? Read our holiday guide for tips on how to make the most of your trip.

Key points

  • Vietnam has a plethora of stunning beaches to explore including Long beach and Cat Ba beach
  • If you’re a serial globetrotter, you could visit both Vietnam and Cambodia in one big bumper trip
  • Make sure you compare holidays before choosing, so you get a cheap deal on your perfect getaway

If you’re thinking of ditching your usual city break to Europe for a trip further afield, consider Vietnam with its bustling cities and Instagram-worthy beaches.

It may be over 12 hours on a plane, but its world-beating food and fascinating history more than make up for a little leg cramp. 

Want to know more? Of course you do…

Holidays to Vietnam 

For cuisine connoisseurs and cultural explorers alike, Vietnam is surely on the bucket list and there’s even more to this country than meets the eye.

Pick a Vietnamese holiday 

From cultural hubs to lush vistas, Vietnam has it all, and it’s easier than ever to tailor your holiday to you.

Mountain ranges and rice fields 

Vietnam is not short on fabulous beaches and breath-taking scenery, so you’re in luck.

So, if you want to explore, it’s worth looking into climbing tours and walking holidays, or you could even take a river cruise across the Mekong River if you want a multi-stop adventure. 

Why not visit the Son Doong caves in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park to really plumb the depths of what Vietnam has to offer? 

The Gulf of Thailand and Phu Quoc island beaches 

If a relaxing beach holiday is more your speed, you can enjoy the luscious beaches of Phu Quoc island. 

Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, it has recently undergone a surge in popularity, thanks to its gorgeous beaches, like Ganh Dau beach with its crystal clear waters and untouched coral reefs, perfect for snorkelling. 

Suddenly a sandcastle-strewn trip to Bournemouth isn’t quite so inviting.

A taste of the city in Ho Chi Minh 

For those who prefer city breaks with lots of different things to do, Vietnam’s largest city Ho Chi Minh is the place to go. 

With a range of hotels to suit any budget, it boasts a variety of markets like Ben Thanh, full of handicrafts to buy or fresh food to try, as well as a war museum, and the spectacular views from the top of the Bitexco Financial Tower. 

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Couldn’t pick? Multi-centre holidays

If everything we’ve described sounds like your idea of the perfect holiday, many holiday providers allow you to combine it all into a multi-centre holiday.

You’ll spend some time in each location, and travel between them is relatively cheap.

Package holidays to Vietnam

For travellers on a budget, there are always plenty of package holiday options.

Self-catering in Vietnam 

Vietnamese cuisine is worth trying on its own, and for those interested in cooking it for themselves many holiday providers offer self-catered accommodation. 

You could even try a cooking class to help you master the wonderful flavours of Vietnam.

The lap of luxury: All-inclusive Vietnam and Cambodia 

If deciding on an itinerary is too much – which is only to be expected with the range of experiences on offer – some companies do offer all-inclusive tours of Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Allowing tourists to take in all the highlights like Angkor Wat, an all-inclusive tour is definitely one to investigate if you don’t want to miss a thing.

Vietnamese beach holidays 

If you prefer your holidays to be relaxing, quiet, and suffused with a healthy dose of Vitamin D, there are plenty of beach holidays to enjoy. 

From the idyllic Long beach on Phu Quoc Island to the emerald waters of Halong Bay, Vietnam’s beach holidays are second to none. 

Want a holiday bargain to Vietnam?

The most important thing to do is shop around to find the right holiday for you. 

Firstly, think about what you want to do on holiday and the kind of place you want to stay at, perhaps you want to be as close to the beach as possible. 

This can help to narrow down your search. 

Maybe you’re happy to stay at a basic three-star hotel because you plan to spend all your time out and about? This will all factor in to what you can afford.

Once you’re armed with all the information you need, you can get searching for a cheap deal on your dream holiday to Vietnam. 

By Nick Dunn