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Why do you need bicycle insurance?

If you regularly ride a bike, you can buy insurance that’ll compensate you if it's stolen or you’re in a road accident.

If you're caught up in a traffic collision, without insurance you're faced with the cost of repairing or replacing your bike. You could also potentially be sued as part of a public liability claim and have to pay legal fees.

You can add bicycle cover to your home insurance, or buy a seperate policy.

Can you insure a bicycle?

You can cover bikes under your home's contents insurance policy, or buy a specialist stand-alone policy that’s specific to bicycles.

Just make sure you’re not doubling up on cover by buying both, or you'll be paying for insurance you don’t need.

There might also be optional extras, such as public liability, personal accident cover, cover for additional riders and competitive use.

Some policies will even cover the cost of getting you home if you have no other way of getting there after a breakdown.

A comprehensive bicycle insurance policy might include cover for:


If you’re involved in an accident, your insurer will pay for the repair or replacement of your bike.

Criminal damage and theft

You can make a claim if your bike's vandalised or stolen. As bicycle theft is quite common, this is an important aspect of cover.

Accidental damage

This will cover you for non-deliberate damage that occurs unexpectedly. For example, if your chain suddenly comes loose and damages the gears.

Cycling accessories, helmets and clothing

Helmets and specialist clothing can be expensive, so it might be worth covering any valuable cycling accessories you use.

Hiring a replacement bike

Your insurer might cover the cost of hiring a replacement bicycle. There will be a limit on how much you can claim for this.

There were 317,000 incidents of bicycle theft in 2018, according to the Crime in England and Wales Survey

Common exclusions

Your bicycle insurance might not cover you if:

  1. You use your bike for self-employed work, like courier or delivery services

  2. You can’t prove you own the bike. Always keep the receipt

  3. The damage is cosmetic - scratches and dents that don’t affect how the bike rides, for example

  4. Accessories, like tyres or mud guards, are damaged unless the bike itself is damaged at the same time

  5. Your bike wasn’t secured properly and gets stolen

  6. You had an accident due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

17,520 cyclists were killed or injured in reported road accidents between June 2017 and June 2018

According to the Department for Transport

How much is bicycle insurance?

Your bicycle insurance quote will be calculated based on your circumstances and takes into consideration what kind of bike you ride and its value.

Mountain bikes, street bikes, push bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, hybrids and electric bikes are all usually covered.

If you’re riding a self-built custom bicycle, you can get insurance for your bike's unique specification. If you need to make a claim, it'll reflect the true value of the bike.

Just make sure your insurer’s aware of any modifications before you buy a policy, otherwise you might not be covered.

Single item limits for accessories differs between insurers - compare bicycle insurance to find cover that’s right for you, for a great price

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How to protect your bike at home

Here are a few things you can do to keep your bike safe at home:

  • Keep it locked
    Store your bike in a locked shed or garage
  • Secure in place
    Lock it to something immovable
  • Extra measures
    Fit a ground anchor for extra security
  • Out of sight
    Keep your bike out of public view, especially if it's an expensive brand or fashionable model

How to protect your bike in the street

Some tips for protecting your bike when you’re out and about:

  • Don’t leave it unattended
    Never leave your bike alone and unsecured, even ‘just for a minute’
  • Lock up
    Lock it to an immovable object, like a bike rack or bench
  • Don’t rely on a signpost
    Bikes can often be lifted off signposts, so locking them there can be a waste of time
  • More security
    Lock both wheels and the frame of your bicycle to the bike stand

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