Common home insurance claims

Based on home insurance quote data for 2020, we’ve rounded up the 20 places across the UK where you’re most likely to fall foul of some of the most common home insurance claims – from risks such as falling trees, escape of water, fires and theft. Is your neighbourhood on our list?


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While we don’t recommend moving house based purely on the map above, it’s a good reminder to check your home insurance cover and make sure that you have the right policy. And maybe if you live in Redhill, Bournemouth or Hemel Hempstead, double check your terms and conditions for falling tree cover...

Reassuringly, Association of British Insurers (ABI) data shows that over four out of five home insurance claims are accepted by insurers. To avoid being part of the one in five claims that are still rejected, make sure you have the right cover in place for your home. It’s not always the thing you want to think about, but it’s a huge relief knowing you’re covered just in case

Your home insurance will cover claims for damage and loss due to fire, as long as the blaze wasn’t due to negligence.
Malicious damage
Vandalism or malicious damage cover is fairly standard and will cover things like broken locks and damage to your garden.
Accidental loss
This means sudden and unexpected damage to your property or its contents, like drink spills or drilling through a pipe.
Falling trees
Some insurers want to know how close any trees are to your home, to help them assess the risk of damage should one fall.
Theft from the home and outbuildings
Another common feature of home insurance – you’ll be covered for stolen items and damaged caused during a theft
Storm damage
Damage due to strong winds and heavy rain is usually covered, but the terms vary by insurer
Escape of water
Water that’s leaking from a burst pipe or a faulty appliance, for example. Insurers will usually cover water damage and the cost of repairing the leak, but finding the leak (trace and access cover) might be a separate element of your home policy.
Fires caused by lightning or damage to your house – due to it striking your chimney stack, for example – is usually covered under weather or storm damage