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Calculate the value of your contents before getting a home insurance quote by using our contents calculator.

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Key points

  • Try out our contents calculator to estimate what all your possessions are worth
  • If you’d rather do it yourself, make a list of all the contents in your property and add it up
  • High-value items, gadgets and jewellery usually need separate insurance
  • Make a note of expensive items you take away from home, and check if they need additional cover

Contents insurance calculator

How to work out the value of your contents

The easiest way to work out the value of your contents for your home insurance is to use our contents calculator.

Go through the list and tell us what you think each item is worth. We’ll add it all up for you to give you a total estimate.

If you’d rather do the working out yourself, grab a pen and paper and walk around your property, listing your possessions and how much they cost.

Note down everything you keep on your property. That includes carpets, curtains, garden furniture, and any possessions you keep in the attic, shed, garage or outbuildings - it all adds up.

Some items on your list might require cover away from home, so total up the cost of those too.

For expensive single items, like jewellery or gadgets, you might need a separate policy that specifically covers those things.

If you’re not sure what something's worth, do some research to help you estimate the amount.

But be careful, as overestimating the value of your contents means you’ll end up paying for cover you don’t need.

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