Contents insurance calculator

Calculate the value of your contents before getting a home insurance quote by using our contents calculator.

Amy Smith
Amy Smith
Updated 15 July 2019  | 2 min read read

Contents insurance calculator

If you’re the victim of a crime, or your home suffers a fire or flood, your belongings could get damaged. It’s an awful situation but the silver lining is that if you’ve got contents insurance, you’ll be able to claim for the damage.

But to make sure all your possessions are protected under the right level of cover, your insurer needs an estimate of the value of your belongings.

Contents aren’t just your valuables; it’s everything that fills your home aside from the fixtures and fittings.

Key points

  • If you’d rather do it yourself, make a list of all the contents in your property and add it up
  • High-value items, gadgets and jewellery usually need separate insurance
  • Make a note of expensive items you take away from home, and check if they need additional cover

How to value your contents for home insurance

The work out the value of your contents for your house insurance, you should:

  • Walk around your property, making a list of your possessions. This includes carpets, curtains, garden furniture, plus any possessions you keep in the attic, shed, garage or outbuildings.
  • Estimate how much each possession costs. If you’re not sure, do some research to find what similar items are worth.
  • For expensive single items, like jewellery or gadgets, get an up-to-date valuation.
  • Add the total cost of all your possessions combined to work out the amount of cover you need.

Be careful not to overestimate the value of your contents, otherwise you may end up paying for cover you don’t need.

Contents insurance add-ons

A standard contents insurance policy might not have all the cover you need. Some insurers will let you bolt on extra cover for belongings leaving the house, accidental damage and high-value individual items for an additional fee.

Cover away from home protects phones, jewellery, keys, cash and much more if they’re lost, stolen or damaged.

If you’ve got lots of tech, like laptops, cameras and tablets, price up a separate gadget insurance policy and compare the cover with your contents insurance.

If you own individual items that are worth more than £1,000, you’ll have to individually list them in your policy just so the insurer knows they exist. That might be one-off or expensive works of art, furniture or heirlooms - by declaring them, it means you’ll get the right level of cover if they’re stolen or damaged by fire.

However, insurers apply a ‘single article limit’ and if just one of your belongings gets damaged or stolen, or you only want to claim for that one item, the insurer will only pay a capped sum for it regardless of how much it’s worth. The limit can differ between objects as well as between insurers.

If the insurer wouldn’t cover the full value of the item, you could take out a separate policy - it’s an extra expense, but you’d have peace of mind you’re not going to lose out if something happened.

You can tell the insurer whether those valuable items need to be covered away from home too.

If you’re unsure about whether an item is covered or not under standard contents insurance, just ask.

If you buy a separate policy and accidentally double up on cover, you can’t use both policies to claim for the same item. If two policies overlap, you may get caught between two insurers negotiating which of them is responsible for the claim, whether they should share the cost, or they could refuse to honour the policy.

Finally, check if the policy includes accidental damage - most do, but it’s worth scanning the policy wording just in case.

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