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What's contents cover?

Contents insurance is part of your home insurance that covers all the belongings you keep at your property.

It includes anything that isn’t fixed down permanently - so as well as your clothes, electricals, personal effects and other possessions, it’s things like free-standing fridges and washing machines, rugs and curtains.

You can buy a contents-only policy or get buildings and contents insurance together in one home insurance policy.

If you’re a tenant, buildings insurance isn’t your responsibility, but you might want a contents insurance policy to protect your own belongings.

Think about how much all your possessions are worth. If you couldn’t afford to replace them, it’s worth getting contents insurance.

£79 a yearThe average cost of an annual contents insurance policy bought through GoCompare

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Last checked May 2019

How to get contents insurance quotes

It doesn’t take long to get some quotes. You’ll need to tell us a few details about you and your contents to get started:

  1. Property details

    Things like the address, the type of building, how many rooms it has and its construction

  2. What’s around the property

    How far it is from water and whether it’s suffered any subsidence

  3. Security information

    What locks and alarms you have installed

  4. Who lives there

    How many adults and children, plus any pets you have

  5. Your details

    Your name, address, occupation and any criminal convictions you have

  6. Cover details

    When you want the policy to start, how much cover you need and how much excess you want to pay

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Use our contents calculator to find out the total value of your possessions

What’s covered by contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers your belongings against theft, damage or loss. It can protect items like:

  • Television and electrical items
  • Personal items and valuables
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Household goods
  • Furniture

You’ll be covered a standard against theft and losses from things like fires, floods and weather damage.

You probably won’t be covered as standard for accidental damage or for your possessions when you take them away from home - so check your cover and buy these features as optional extras if you need them.

How much is contents insurance?

It depends on the value of your possessions.

In May 2019, the average price paid for an annual contents only home insurance policy purchased through GoCompare was £79 a year.

What’s personal possessions cover?

Personal possessions cover insures your belongings while you’re out and about against loss, accidental damage and theft.

It’s usually sold as an optional extra to your contents insurance, which generally only covers your things when they’re inside your home or garden.

You might already have personal possessions cover with a packaged bank account or credit card so double check before you take out a new policy.

Contents insurance cover limits and exclusions

Cover is sometimes limited on particular types of item, or you’ll have to name them specifically on your policy. Check your policy cover and limits on the following:

  • Bicycles, particularly higher-value ones
  • Jewellery and other valuables
  • Visitors belongings
  • Possessions of student children while away at university
  • Belongings in transit during a house move

Adding high-value items

You’ll choose the total amount of cover you want for your possessions but there's usually a single article limit on each item.

The single article limit is the most you’ll be able to claim for any one item, even if it’s worth more than the limit.

The limit is usually quite high - out of 401 contents insurance policies listed on Defaqto, 96% have a single article limit of £5,000 or more but you should still check your policy's limit is high enough for your belongings[1]

If it isn’t, you’ll be able to add high-value items like wedding rings, watches or artwork listed separately on your policy by getting in touch with your provider.

Your premiums might increase, depending on the value of the item.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is contents insurance mandatory?

    No, but you could lose an awful lot if your possessions are destroyed by something like a fire or flood, or if they’re stolen.

    Why you’d want it

    • You'll be covered to replace expensive items
    • It can be cost-effective to buy alongside your buildings insurance
    • You can buy it as a stand-alone policy if you don’t need buildings cover, for example of you’re a tenant

    You won’t need it if you’re a landlord, because your tenants are responsible for insuring their own property. You also won’t need it if you’re happy to just pay for replacements and repairs out of your own pocket.

  • What’s new-for-old contents insurance?

    New-for-old contents insurance will replace your lost or damaged belongings with brand-new ones.

    For example, if your TV is stolen, your insurer will pay for you to replace it with a like-for-like new model.

    It’s typically more expensive than ‘like-for-like' cover which, covers your possessions based on their current market value.

  • Can you get a no-claims bonus on contents insurance?

    Yes - you can get a discount on your buildings and contents insurance if you haven’t claimed.

    Check your policy to see whether making a claim on one would affect your premium for the other.

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[1]Last checked 10 June 2019

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