Barbecue insurance

Sizzling sausages (the meat or veggie variety) on the BBQ is basically a hobby in Britain during the summer, so you’ll want to make sure your barbecue is covered by home insurance.

Kim Jones
Kim Jones
Updated 7 February 2022  | 2 mins read

Does home insurance cover my barbecue?

Most home insurance policies will provide some cover for items you keep in your garden or garden shed, as standard. However, this isn’t true for all policies, so be sure to check.

Depending on the type of barbecue you have, it could be covered by either your buildings or contents insurance.

Key points

  • Home insurance should cover your barbecue but check your policy
  • It might be a condition of your policy that you lock your barbecue away overnight
  • If you have a particularly expensive model that exceeds your policy’s single-item limit, you’ll need to let your insurer know

If your barbecue is brick built-in or ground-secured, it’s considered to be part of the fabric and structure of your home, so would be included in a buildings insurance policy. This will protect it against loss or damage caused by events like fires, floods and storms.

For accidental damage cover, you may have to pay extra if it’s not included as standard on your policy.

Free-standing, moveable barbecues would be covered under your contents insurance, along with other things you keep outdoors, like garden furniture, play equipment and plants.

A contents policy will cover your barbecue against theft as well as damage from floods, fires and storms.

Again, if it’s not included as standard, you’ll need to pay extra for accidental damage cover.

Contents policies will usually have a set limit on what they’ll pay out for your garden contents. Most also have single-item limits, which could be around £1,000, but may be a lot less.

If your barbecue is particularly expensive, you’ll need to let your insurer know about it, so they can list it separately on your policy.

Should I keep my barbecue locked away when not in use?

Some insurers require that you lock up expensive items, like barbecues, in a shed or garage overnight.

In these circumstances, leaving it out in the open could invalidate your claim if it got stolen or damaged.

Make yourself aware of any limitations and exclusions by reading your policy booklet carefully to ensure you’re not caught out.

Storage – looking after your BBQ

Keep your barbecue in a protected position or in an outbuilding, like your shed or garage, when it’s not in use for long periods. This will help protect it from cold, wet and windy weather, as well as helping to prevent rust and mould developing.

Some more BBQ storage tips include:

  • Never store gas cylinders inside, in case of gas leaks. Store them outside and stand them upright
  • Invest in a barbecue cover. This can protect it from bugs, dust, vermin and the elements. Look for covers that have strong ties that attach to the barbecue, so the cover doesn’t easily blow off in windy weather
  • Be sure to give your barbecue a deep clean before you put it away for winter. Follow your model’s cleaning instructions

Does my home insurance cover damage my barbecue has caused?

Home insurance should cover your barbecue if it catches fire, gets damaged or destroyed, or damages your home, garden and other belongings.

It should also include legal liability cover in the event that your barbecue injures someone else or damages a neighbour’s property and they take you to court for damages.

Saying that, your insurer could refuse to pay out if they find out you were drunk at the time of the incident, or that your barbecue was poorly maintained.

Barbecue safety tips

  • Position your barbecue safely away from anything that could catch fire like trees, hedges and shrubbery, fences, wooden pergolas and sheds
  • Make sure it’s placed securely on level ground
  • Keep children and animals away whenever the barbecue is lit and don’t leave it unattended
  • Use proper barbecue lighter cubes or lighter fuel to start a charcoal barbecue (never petrol or other flammable liquids)
  • In case flames get out of control, keep a fire blanket to hand when using a gas barbecue. For a charcoal barbecue, keep a fire blanket and water close by to extinguish flames
  • Ensure ashes are cold before you dispose of them
  • Check that the gas supply to your barbecue is turned off when you’re finished

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