Replacement of matching sets cover

If one item in a matching set was damaged, would your home insurance replace the entire set? Learn more about matching set cover.

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Alice Morgan
Updated 25 May 2021  | 2 min read

What’s matching set insurance?

Some home insurance policies will repair or replace every item in a set such as your dining table and chairs, even if only part of the set is stolen or destroyed.

It isn't offered on all policies, so if it's important to you to not end up with mismatched furniture and fittings, check if your policy has this cover.

Key points

  • Clauses stating the insurer won’t pay to replace the undamaged parts of a set might be in the small print
  • Read your policy carefully to see if it includes matching set cover
  • Consider accidental damage and trace and access cover if your policy doesn’t have matching set cover

Lots of home insurance policies will only let you claim the cost of the item that’s damaged.

If that happens to be a chair from your dining room set or a kitchen cabinet door that’s no longer available, you’ll have to choose whether to slot in a mismatched item or pay for a whole new collection yourself.

But matching set insurance can cover the cost of a completely new set for you.

Is matching set cover included as standard?

Out of 377 contents insurance policies on Defaqto, 60% had no cover for matching sets and a further 26% had restricted cover, or it didn’t apply to all areas of the policy.[2]

To find out whether you already have matching items insurance as part of your existing cover - and what it applies to - check your policy documents.

If the insurer won’t pay the cost of replacing undamaged parts of a set, it’ll be in the small print.

How to make a claim for a matching set

Call your insurer to report any damage to the set, as soon as you can.

It’s also worth taking photos so you can send them to your insurer and collecting any receipts you have, to prove their value.

Once you’ve sent all your information off to your insurer, wait for them to let you know what you should do next.

Don’t buy any new items yourself until your claim has been approved, or you'll be left out of pocket if your insurer turns down your claim.

Depending on your level of cover, you could be reimbursed for the whole set if a reasonable replacement can’t be found for your damaged item.

How to contest a claim

If you’re not happy with your insurer’s decision, let it know by making a complaint.

If you can’t come to an agreement and you’ve already gone through its complaints process, get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman.

It'll be able to advise you and talk to your insurer to help you come to a solution.

Additional cover

Your insurer might not pay out if an item gets damaged when being cleaned or repaired, so check your policy to see if it includes clauses like this.

Accidental damage cover and trace and access cover can offer you even more protection against damage to your matching set.

That means if you spill wine over your sofa or one part of your bathroom suite is destroyed while accessing a burst pipe, these elements of cover will apply - and they might put right the entire set, even if your core policy doesn't.

Personal possessions cover outside the home can cover things like matching jewellery sets, while you’re out and about.

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[1] Based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 01 May to 31 May: 51% of consumers could achieve a saving of up to £107.99 with buildings and contents insurance based on a comparison of 36 companies.

[2] Last checked 18 May 2021

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