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Why do I need electric bike insurance? 

Electric bikes aren’t cheap and they can be expensive to repair. Unfortunately, they’re a target for thieves, too - according to the Office of National Statistics, there were 78,146 police recorded incidents of bicycle theft between July 2021 and June 2022..

With this in mind, you should consider whether you could afford to repair or replace your bike if something happened.

It’s not a legal requirement to have e-bike insurance, but it’s a wise move. If your bike’s properly secured, a bicycle insurance policy will cover you for theft and damage caused by vandals.      

Unfortunately, theft isn’t the only risk that comes along with cycling. In 2021, the Department for Transport reported 16,458 cyclists were killed or injured in reported road accidents. 

You can get personal injury cover with your electric bicycle insurance, which will give you a pay out if you’re hurt while cycling. 

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What is an e-bike?

An electric bike, or e-bike, is an electric-assisted pedal bicycle.

It’s just like a traditional push bike, but it has a motor that’s activated and assists when you pedal. The motor’s not there to replace pedalling, just to make it easier.

A controller on the bike allows you to choose the level of assistance you want - from minimal (for flat routes) to a lot (for steep hills).

E-bikes have a maximum power output of 250 watts. And for safety, e-bikes aren’t allowed to travel faster than 25kph/15.5mph on public roads and the motor must cut out at this speed, any higher and it’s classed as a motor vehicle. You can continue to pedal at higher speeds than this, though.

They’re becoming popular with commuters and are also opening up the world of cycling to people who may previously have faced barriers to riding a bicycle. People with health issues such as asthma, those with limited mobility and the elderly could benefit from an e-bike to help them on challenging routes.

What insurance can I get for my electric bike?

You can get an e-bike insurance policy that covers you for:

Theft, loss and accidental damage to your bike

Covers the cost of a replacement bike if yours is stolen or involved in an accident leaving it beyond repair. It could also pay for repairing any damage

New for old cover

If you bought your e-bike new, you’ll get a new replacement bike. Second hand bikes are replaced on a market value basis

Malicious damage cover

You’re covered if your e-bike gets damaged by vandals or in an attempted theft

Cover at home and away

Cover for when your bike is at home or out of the house

Personal accident cover

Pays out a sum of money if you have a serious injury or accident while riding your e-bike

Public liability cover

Provides cover if you injure another road user or pedestrian when riding your e-bike, or if you damage someone else’s property

What extras can I get?

Depending on the provider, you may be able to add extra cover to a specialist e-bike policy including:

  1. Multi-bike cover

    Allows you to cover more than one bike in the household under one policy

  2. Worldwide cover

    Covers you for taking and riding your e-bike abroad

  3. Cycling accessories

    Includes cover for things like GPS systems, cycling cameras, locks, helmets and cyclewear

  4. Commuting cover

    Covers you for commuting journeys on your e-bike

  5. Replacement cycle hire

    While your e-bike is repaired or you’re waiting for a new one, this covers you for hiring a replacement bike. This could be handy if you need a bike to commute or have a specific trip booked

  6. Cycle breakdown cover and travel reimbursement

    Covers the recovery of your e-bike as part of a claim for repair or replacement and can pay for alternative transport to get you home

  7. Cycle event cover

    Cover to ride your e-bike in organised events like sportives

  8. Event-fee withdrawal

    Can cover the cost of a cycling event fee if you have to cancel for reasons stipulated in the policy

Is my electric bike covered by my home insurance policy?

Before you take out a specialist electric bike insurance policy, check your home insurance to see what cover you have for pedal cycles.

Home insurance should offer some level of cover for your bike, but it’s unlikely to be comprehensive. For example, most contents insurance policies will have a maximum value bicycle limit, which is usually a lot less than the cost of an e-bike.

It’s also unlikely to cover accidental damage and bicycle theft away from home. And the public liability part of your home insurance may not cover cycling. So if you injured another person, or scraped their car, for example, you wouldn’t be covered.

You might be able to add extra cover options to your contents insurance for less than a specialist bicycle insurance policy would cost you though, so check with your insurer.

What exclusions might an electric bicycle insurance policy have?

Some common exclusions include:

  • Theft where you didn’t secure your bike properly
  • Theft or damage to removable parts of the bike and accessories (unless the bike is stolen at the same time)
  • Cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the function of the bike (such as scratches or dents)
  • Theft of the bike where you can’t provide proof of purchase or evidence of ownership
  • Any incidents that occur as the result of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Damage or wear and tear to tyres and inner tubes (unless the bike suffers accidental or malicious damage)

What’s the difference between an electric bicycle and a moped?

A moped doesn’t require you to pedal, but an e-bike does.

An electric bike has a maximum 250 watts of power and assisted speed of 15.5mph. You can go faster than this on your e-bike, but only by pedalling.

An electric moped has a top speed of 28mph or more. You need at least a provisional licence and to have completed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to ride one on the road. You must also have moped insurance (at least a third party only policy), wear a helmet and get an MOT for your vehicle.

They can cost a similar amount to buy though.

How much does e-bike insurance cost?

It’ll depend on a few things like:

  • Where you live and the crime and claim rate for that area
  • The make, model and price of the e-bike
  • If you intend to use your e-bike for commuting and in competitive events

Electric bicycles might also be called:

  • e-bikes
  • eBikes
  • powerbikes
  • power-assisted bicycles
  • Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPCs)

Top tips for cheaper electric bike insurance

As well as shopping around to find the right deal for you, make sure you store your bicycle securely with a sturdy lock and preferably in a locked garage or shed.

Don’t leave it parked in public for too long either - some insurers won’t pay out on claims for e-bikes left unattended for longer than 12 hours.

Paying annually for your cover can be cheaper as some providers charge interest if you choose to make monthly payments instead.

And if you have more than one e-bike in the family, then many providers offer a multi-bike discount if you insure more than one bicycle with them.

Page last reviewed: 19 January 2023

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