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Farmhouse insurance

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What is farmhouse insurance? 

If you live in a farmhouse, you’ll need home insurance just as you would for any other type of home. 

Just be aware that it’ll only cover the property you live in, rather than the outbuildings, fields and livestock of the entire farm.  

To cover your working farm you’ll need business insurance that can cover things like your vehicles, machinery, and premises. 

There are specialist providers who can provide farm insurance and home insurance in a single policy, but you need to make sure the cover is adequate for you if you do choose one of these policies and it won’t necessarily be cheaper. 

Farmhouse insurance

Free £250 home excess cover, only with GoCompare^

If you need to claim on your home insurance - for example, if your building is damaged by subsidence or your possessions are stolen - your free home excess cover will refund up to £250 of your excess.

There’s no hidden charge. But you won't be covered for things like accidental loss such as leaving a laptop on a train or accidental damage, such as spilling wine on your carpet or drilling through a pipe.

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^UK residents and home insurance purchases only. Excess refunded after claim settled. Excludes accidental loss or damage claims made on your home insurance. Full T&Cs apply.

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What’s included in a farmhouse insurance policy?

Your policy will include buildings insurance and contents cover

Buildings insurance will cover the structure of your home as well as your fixtures and fittings, like your bathroom suite.  

Contents cover will protect all your removable belongings within the house, like your furniture.  

You’ll be covered for things like:

If you buy a policy that combines your farmhouse insurance with your farm cover, you’ll also be covered for things like:

  • Damage to your farm property  
  • Employers liability cover  
  • Public liability cover 
  • Outbuildings insurance  
  • Personal accident and sickness 

Check your policy cover carefully - if an insurer offers farm building insurance, that will mean your outbuildings such as barns rather than the actual farmhouse. 

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Tips for cheaper farmhouse insurance

Cut the cost of your premiums by following our tips:

  1. Fire safety

    If your farmhouse has features like open fireplaces or an Aga don’t ignore the fire risks. Fitting smoke alarms could get you an insurance discount

  2. Look after your home

    Farmhouses are often older buildings, so keep up with maintenance to prevent any damage from dodgy guttering or falling trees. It'll help avoid problems when you make a claim

  3. Sort out security

    If your farmhouse is an older building or listed, windows and doors might not have modern security. Consider extra locks and burglar alarms to get discounts on your premiums

  4. Only pay for what you need

    Don’t take out added extras that you don’t need. For instance you might have legal cover or insurance for possessions away from home under another policy, like your farm business insurance

  5. Shop around

    Compare quotes from a range of insurers to find a competitive policy for your farmhouse

What if my farmhouse is a listed building?

If you live in a listed building, you might have a more limited list of quotes when you compare prices.  

Listed buildings insurance can be more expensive because you’ll need special materials and craftsmanship to make any repairs.    

You can still compare with us and we’ll direct you to the most appropriate insurers.

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