Celebrity diets, including snacks, typical drinks, and the order of meals were taken from a variety of publications including GQ, BBC Good Food, the Telegraph and BuzzFeed. Calorie counts were computed using Nutracheck, USDA, MyFitnessPal, and CalorieKing. Amounts of food in grams, ounces or cups were taken as is, without conversion. Meat percentage was calculated on the basis of typical serving sizes in the meals appearing in a given diet.
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Explore the daily diets of famous athletes, actors, and musicians. Find out who crams in the most calories, how many times a day they eat, and which meal plan is the healthiest.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's breakfast Gwyneth Paltrow's first snack Gwyneth Paltrow's lunch Gwyneth Paltrow's second snack Gwyneth Paltrow's dinner Gwyneth Paltrow's last snack/drink
Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow Least calorific badge
1316 cal. 6 meals/day 14% meat
Rihanna's breakfast Rihanna's lunch Rihanna's snack Rihanna's dinner
Rihanna Rihanna
1603 cal. 4 meals/day 30% meat
Conor McGregor's breakfast Conor McGregor's first snack Conor McGregor's lunch Conor McGregor's second snack Conor McGregor's dinner
Conor McGregor Conor McGregor Paleo diet badge
1603 cal. 5 meals/day 27% meat
Jessica Ennis-Hill's breakfast Jessica Ennis-Hill's first snack Jessica Ennis-Hill's lunch Jessica Ennis-Hill's second snack Jessica Ennis-Hill's dinner Jessica Ennis-Hill's third snack
Jessica Ennis-Hill Jessica Ennis-Hill
1672 cal. 6 meals/day 29% meat
Kate Hudson's breakfast Kate Hudson's first snack Kate Hudson's lunch Kate Hudson's second snack Kate Hudson's dinner
Kate Hudson Kate Hudson
1700 cal. 5 meals/day 26% meat
Oprah Winfrey's breakfast Oprah Winfrey's first snack Oprah Winfrey's lunch Oprah Winfrey's second snack Oprah Winfrey's dinner
Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey
1700 cal. 5 meals/day 24% meat
Jennifer Aniston's breakfast Jennifer Aniston's first snack Jennifer Aniston's lunch Jennifer Aniston's second snack Jennifer Aniston's dinner Jennifer Aniston's third snack
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston
1843 cal. 6 meals/day 30% meat
Bryan Cranston's breakfast Bryan Cranston's first snack Bryan Cranston's lunch Bryan Cranston's dinner
Bryan Cranston Bryan Cranston
1953 cal. 4 meals/day 35% meat
Daisy Ridley's breakfast Daisy Ridley's second breakfast Daisy Ridley's first snack Daisy Ridley's lunch Daisy Ridley's second snack Daisy Ridley's dinner
Daisy Ridley Daisy Ridley
1959 cal. 6 meals/day 21% meat
Mo Farah's breakfast Mo Farah's lunch Mo Farah's dinner Mo Farah's first snack
Mo Farah Mo Farah
2001 cal. 4 meals/day 40% meat
Kim Kardashian's breakfast Kim Kardashian's first snack Kim Kardashian's lunch Kim Kardashian's second snack Kim Kardashian's dinner
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
2078 cal. 5 meals/day 19% meat
Lady Gaga's breakfast drink Lady Gaga's lunch Lady Gaga's first snack Lady Gaga's dinner
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
2159 cal. 4 meals/day 33% meat
Usain Bolt's breakfast Usain Bolt's first snack Usain Bolt's lunch Usain Bolt's second snack Usain Bolt's dinner
Usain Bolt Usain Bolt
2273 cal. 5 meals/day 27% meat
The Queen's breakfast The Queen's lunch The Queen's afternoon tea The Queen's afternoon tipple The Queen's dinner The Queen's evening snack
The Queen The Queen
2448 cal. 6 meals/day 29% meat
Matt Damon's breakfast Matt Damon's first snack Matt Damon's lunch Matt Damon's second snack Matt Damon's dinner
Matt Damon Matt Damon
2640 cal. 5 meals/day 27% meat
Melissa McCarthy's breakfast Melissa McCarthy's second breakfast Melissa McCarthy's lunch Melissa McCarthy's second lunch Melissa McCarthy's dinner
Melissa McCarthy Melissa McCarthy
2715 cal. 5 meals/day 34% meat
Bradley Wiggins's breakfast Bradley Wiggins's first snack Bradley Wiggins's lunch Bradley Wiggins's second snack Bradley Wiggins's dinner Bradley Wiggins's third snack
Bradley Wiggins Bradley Wiggins
3047 cal. 6 meals/day 38% meat
Robert Downey Jr's breakfast Robert Downey Jr's drink snack Robert Downey Jr's lunch Robert Downey Jr's first snack Robert Downey Jr's dinner
Robert Downey Jr Robert Downey Jr
3500 cal. 5 meals/day 25% meat
Brad Pitt's breakfast Brad Pitt's first snack Brad Pitt's lunch Brad Pitt's second snack Brad Pitt's third snack Brad Pitt's dinner Brad Pitt's fourth snack
Brad Pitt Brad Pitt Highest meat content badge
3906 cal. 7 meals/day 40% meat
David Haye's breakfast drink David Haye's breakfast David Haye's drink snack David Haye's lunch David Haye's second drink snack David Haye's dinner David Haye's second dinner
David Haye David Haye Vegan diet badge
4100 cal. 7 meals/day 0% meat
The Rock's first breakfast The Rock's second breakfast The Rock's first lunch The Rock's second lunch The Rock's first dinner The Rock's second dinner The Rock's third dinner The Rock's drink snack
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 'The Rock'
5165 cal. 8 meals/day 34% meat
Chris Hemsworth's breakfast Chris Hemsworth's second breakfast Chris Hemsworth's snack Chris Hemsworth's lunch Chris Hemsworth's first dinner Chris Hemsworth's second dinner
Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth
5901 cal. 6 meals/day 39% meat
The Mountain's first snack The Mountain's first breakfast The Mountain's second breakfast The Mountain's second snack The Mountain's first lunch The Mountain's second lunch The Mountain's third snack The Mountain's first dinner The Mountain's second dinner The Mountain's fourth snack
Hafþór Björnsson 'The Mountain' Most calorific badge
10000 cal. 10 meals/day 36% meat
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Gwyneth Paltrow

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Brad Pitt's dinner Grilled fish or chicken Brown rice or pasta Salad

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