Great British Bakes of Instagram

Use our interactive map to explore the Instagram popularity of a baker’s dozen of iconic desserts. Discover the carrot cake capital, which regions are big on Battenberg, and where love for lemon drizzle runs high.

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  1. Mouse over the map to explore local favourites, or pick a bake from the list to delve into its regional stats.Hold and drag your finger over the map to explore local favourites, or tap ‘Choose a bake’ to delve into cakes’ regional stats.
  2. Bakewell Tart Named after the Derbyshire town in which it originated, this cherry-topped confection had a massive 46.2% of cake tags in that area.
  3. Battenberg The distinctive checkerboard pattern of this traditional favourite is enjoyed all over the UK, but the share of tagged photos was highest in Derbyshire with 4.1%.
  4. Carrot Cake This delicious creation might have European origins, but it’s long been enjoyed as a classic across the UK. The capital of carrot cake is Bristol, where its share of tagged photos was 11.2%.
  5. Chelsea Buns Cambridgeshire is crazy for Chelsea buns, with an overwhelming 37.8% of Instagram cake tags devoted to the ‘best of all buns’.
  6. Crumble The dessert of choice for many, crumble has been tagged all over our map. The highest concentration was in Buckinghamshire, with this custard companion taking 8.3% of all cake tags.
  7. Eton Mess Traditionally served at an annual Eton College cricket match, Eton mess is still most popular in Berkshire, knocking every other dessert out of the park with 24.3% of the region’s cake tags.
  8. Lemon Drizzle It’s the Isle of Wight that’s most in love with lemon drizzle, where this citrus-soaked sponge grabbed 22.2% of the cake tags. South Yorkshire came in a close second with 19.3%.
  9. Scones Although revered in the Southwest, North Yorkshire is where scones are most tagged. The region had 41.6% of dessert photos devoted to these versatile cakes, compared to Cornwall’s 37.8%
  10. Shortbread Unsurprisingly, this sweet biscuit is a hit in Scotland. However, it’s even more popular in Northern Ireland, where shortbread scooped up the top spot with 23.4% of the cake tags.
  11. Sticky Toffee Pudding Rumoured to have been invented in the Lake District, sticky toffee pudding is indeed the stickiest in Cumbria, where it accounted for 31.2% of the region’s cake tags.
  12. Trifle From the old French ‘trufle’ meaning ‘whimsical’, the trifle won the hearts (and stomachs) of many a Brit, but was most popular in East Yorkshire, where it had a 10.8% slice of the cake tags.
  13. Victoria Sponge This quintessentially English teatime confection was Queen Victoria’s favourite cake. The two-tiered treat is still a hit across the UK, but most loved in Lincolnshire with 32.5% of the cage tags.
  14. Welsh Cakes A dessert staple in Wales since the 19th century, Welsh cakes won 39.5% of the country’s cake tags. However, these delicious bakes don’t travel well, barely registering on Instagram elsewhere.


Great British Bakes of Instagram

We analysed over 20,000 Instagram photos to find the favourite iconic British cake in each region.

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