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Home insurance loft

Root around in our Home insurance loft for guides and facts that'll help you compare home insurance policies and providers.

AA home insurance

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about AA’s breakdown cover. But what about its home insurance?

AA home insurance »

Accidental damage and home insurance

Accidental damage cover can be vital to a claim, but it's not included on all policies as standard.

Accidental damage and home insurance »

Admiral home insurance

Having charted a successful course for car insurance, Admiral also offers several home insurance options. Here’s our guide to navigating the risky waters of home insurance.

Admiral home insurance »

Alternative accommodation cover

Alternative accommodation cover should be considered by homeowners, tenants, landlords and holiday home owners.

Alternative accommodation cover »

Asda home insurance

You can get your groceries, shop for the latest fashions, get an eye test, fill up your car and print out your photos all from one brand – Asda. But did you also know that Asda does home insurance too?

Asda home insurance »

Auto-renewal of home insurance

Allowing your existing provider to auto-renew your home insurance is one of the most common mistakes made by customers seeking cost-effective cover.

Auto-renewal of home insurance »

Bicycle insurance guide

Should you insure your bike on a home policy or buy dedicated bicycle insurance?

Bicycle insurance guide »

British Gas home insurance

While gas and electric may be its bread and butter, British Gas also offers a wide variety of other domestic services – including home insurance.

British Gas home insurance »

Buildings and contents insurance

Buildings and contents insurance is a combined policy option for home insurance.

Buildings and contents insurance »

Buildings insurance

A stand-alone buildings insurance policy offers cover for your property's structure and its permanent fittings and fixtures, but not the contents.

Buildings insurance »

Bungalow insurance

Learn how and why arranging home insurance for a bungalow, chalet or dormer bungalow may differ from sorting out cover for a multi-storey property.

Bungalow insurance »

Burst pipes and escape of water claims

Frozen and burst pipes are a major source of home insurance claims, but cover varies enormously from policy to policy. Find out more...

Burst pipes and escape of water claims »

Contents insurance

A stand-alone contents insurance policy offers protection for your personal items that are not fixed to your home, but not for the property's structure, nor its permanent fixtures and fittings.

Contents insurance »

Christmas cover

Christmas and its aftermath means more home insurance risks, so ensure you stay safe and have appropriate cover over the festive period and beyond.

Christmas cover »

Churchill home insurance

After home insurance from a big friendly dog? Then here's GoCompare's guide to Churchill home insurance.

Churchill home insurance »

Co-op home insurance

Want to make sure you won’t be out of pocket if something happens to your home? Maybe the Co-op’s home insurance could help with that peace of mind.

Co-op home insurance »

Crime and home insurance

Find out more about how crime in your local area affects your home insurance and how you can protect your house and belongings from burglary and theft.

Crime and home insurance »

Digital download insurance

If you download music, games, films, books and more, do you know whether your digital belongings are covered by your home insurance policy?

Digital download insurance »

Electric bicycle insurance

Looking for info on electric bicycle insurance? Pedal over here and check out our guide!

Electric bicycle insurance »

Endsleigh home insurance

A company with a commitment to providing value for money that offers home insurance – sounds promising! Let’s dig deeper and take an in-depth look at Endsleigh home insurance.

Endsleigh home insurance »

Farmhouse insurance

Whether it's a working farmhouse or rural retreat, arranging home insurance for your country dwelling may need some extra thought.

Farmhouse insurance »

Fire and home insurance

Fire is one of the biggest home insurance risks so ensure you have the right cover.

Fire and home insurance »

First Direct home insurance

First Direct is a proven commodity in the world of banking. However, it's equally adept in the insurance world too.

First Direct home insurance »

Flat insurance guide

If you own or rent a flat, then what kind of home insurance do you need - and how can you keep the cost down? Read on to find out...

Flat insurance guide »

Flat roof home insurance

If your house has a flat roof, or even if some of its roof is flat, it can complicate insurance arrangements...

Flat roof home insurance »

Flooding and home insurance

Find out about flood risk and how it may affect your application, premium and claims. Learn what to do to limit flood risk and damage,what to expect if you're returning to a property hit by a flood and find out how Flood Re could provide more affordable insurance for flood-affected properties.

Flooding and home insurance »

Freezer contents cover

Cover for the food in your freezer is available on many home insurance policies, either as a standard feature or optional add-on. Find out more...

Freezer contents cover »

Gadget insurance guide

Do you need dedicated gadget insurance to protect your valuables, or does your house insurance offer sufficient cover? Find out more with our guide.

Gadget insurance guide »

Garage insurance

If you’re reading this, you obviously have access to a garage - but the question is, what do you keep in it and is it covered under your insurance?

Garage insurance »

Garden insurance guide

Does your policy cover the items you have in your garden, shed or garage? Get the lowdown with our guide, or read our dedicated page on shed insurance.

Garden insurance guide »

Halifax home insurance

Not only does Halifax give you extra, it also operates its own home insurance policies. We’ve created a guide to getting the most extra out of your policy.

Halifax home insurance »

Handbag insurance

Is your handbag, rucksack, day pack or briefcase and all its contents covered by your home insurance when you're out and about?

Handbag insurance »

Hastings home insurance

A popular choice in the car insurance market, Hastings Direct has long been established as one of the big dogs in the insurance game. And that goes for home insurance too.

Hastings home insurance »

Hiscox home insurance

When choosing your home insurance, it’s important to go with a provider that understands your needs. Hiscox offers a wide range of protections under its home insurance services, and one of them might just be right for you.

Hiscox home insurance »

Holiday home insurance

Learn the basics of holiday home insurance including details of buildings and contents cover, and of specific considerations with vacation properties.

Holiday home insurance » 

Home emergency cover

Buying home emergency insurance cover can offer valuable peace of mind against things like heating, plumbing and electrical problems - but are the policies worth the price?

Home emergency cover »

Home improvements

If you've made any home improvements or are planning to do so, have you considered the possible impacts on your house insurance?

Home improvements »

Home insurance for people with criminal convictions

Compare quotes from insurers who provide cover for people with a criminal conviction and learn what you need to declare.

Home insurance for people with criminal convictions »

Home security and your insurance

What measures can you take to improve the security of your home, and how may they impact on the price of your insurance?

Home security and your insurance »

How home insurance quotes are calculated

Insurance companies use risk-based pricing to determine premiums - learn the factors involved.

How home insurance quotes are calculated »

How to avoid under-insuring your home

Don't make the mistake of under-insuring your home and contents, or you might have problems if you need to make a claim.

How to avoid under-insuring your home »

How to estimate house rebuilding costs

You'll need to estimate your home's rebuild cost if you want to take out buildings insurance - to make this estimate you can use a rebuild calculator or consult a chartered surveyor. Remember that this will be a different figure to your property's market value.

How to estimate house rebuilding costs »

How to estimate how much contents insurance you need

Stumped when your home insurer asks you to estimate the value of your contents? There's no need to be - here's the simple way to make the calculation and get the cover you need.

How to estimate how much contents insurance you need »

How to make a home insurance claim

If you need to make a home insurance claim, it can be hard to know where to start. Read our guide to find out what to do if you're burgled or your property is damaged.

How to make a home insurance claim »

Insurance cover at festivals

If you're going to a festival, do you have a policy that adequately covers your valuables?

Insurance cover at festivals »

Insurance for jewellery and valuables

Protect watches, engagement rings, wedding rings and other precious jewellery and valuables from loss or theft with the right insurance cover.

Insurance for jewellery and valuables »

Insurance if you work from home

If you're self-employed or work from your house you need to think about home insurance cover and whether you also need business insurance.

Insurance if you work from home »

Insurance when moving house

Moving home is a stressful experience, so relieve some of the pressure by making sure your home contents is covered during the move.

Insurance when moving house »

Insuring homes of non-standard construction

If your property is built with non-standard materials, it may be harder to get the right home insurance. Find out about timber-framed building insurance, thatched roof insurance and cover for other unconventional homes.

Insuring homes of non-standard construction »

Invalidating home insurance

Find out more about the different ways you can invalidate your home insurance and how to avoid losing out in the event of a burglary or accident.

Invalidating home insurance »

John Lewis home insurance

John Lewis is a home store that does home insurance. How does that work? Well here's GoCompare's guide to John Lewis home insurance...

John Lewis home insurance »

Kwik Fit home insurance

While Kwik Fit may be one of the first brands that spring to mind when it comes to car mechanics, it has also been a pretty successful insurance provider since 1995.

Kwik Fit home insurance »

Legal expenses and home insurance

Do you need to include legal expenses cover when you take out a policy? Take a look at our guide before deciding.

Legal expenses and home insurance »

Legal and General home insurance

With a history that dates back to the days of Victorian Britain, it's fair to say that Legal and General has a fair bit of experience when it comes to the insurance game. Home insurance included.

Legal and General home insurance »

Listed building insurance

Finding the right home insurance for a listed building may prove more difficult than with a standard property, but comparing quotes and shopping around could get you the deal you need.

Listed building insurance »

Lloyds home insurance

Having existed for over 250 years, Lloyds Bank has pretty much seen it all and is now one of the 'big four' banks in the UK. But what’s the deal with its home insurance?

Lloyds home insurance »

Locks and home insurance

What type of locks and standard of security does your house have? Should you improve your home security in order to lower the price of your home insurance?

Locks and home insurance »

LV home insurance

The brand behind the green heart lives by the slogan "good value, great values". Based on the customer feedback, that statement is hard to argue.

LV home insurance »

M&S home insurance

This is not just home insurance, it’s M&S home insurance. If you're interested home insurance from one of Britain’s favourite retailers, read on to find out more.

M&S home insurance »

Matching set insurance

If one item in a matching set was damaged, would your policy replace the entire set?

Matching set insurance »

Mobile phone insurance

Insurance could protect your mobile phone from damage, theft and loss, but consider all the cover options and beware of exclusions and excessive premiums.

Mobile phone insurance »

Mountain bike insurance

Cycling is one of the most popular recreational sports activities in the UK. Protect yourself and your bike with mountain bike insurance.

Mountain bike insurance »

Nationwide home insurance

Nationwide’s promise to home insurance customers is "Put your home and its contents in safe hands." But does that stand up to scrutiny?

Nationwide home insurance »

Neighbourhood Watch and home insurance

Joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme helps protects your community and could reduce the cost of your home insurance. Find out more...

Neighbourhood Watch and home insurance »

NFU Mutual home insurance

Are you looking for another home insurance provider? Maybe the National Farmers Union (NFU) Mutual’s home insurance policy could be just what you’re looking for!

NFU Mutual home insurance »

Personal possessions cover outside the home

Do you need to add personal possessions cover away from home to your policy? Find out more with our guide.

Personal possessions cover outside the home »

Post Office home insurance

Have you been wondering about Post Office home insurance? If you want to know more, have a read of this handy guide. You never know, it could be just the kind of policy you’re looking for!

Post Office home insurance »

Privilege home insurance

Posh or not, Privilege insurance may just have the right home insurance policy for you.

Privilege home insurance »

RIAS home insurance

Insuring your home is important to protect the things you love, and RIAS insurance might just have the right policy to help you do so.

RIAS home insurance »

Royal Sun Alliance home insurance

Commonly known as the RSA, the Royal Sun Alliance has one of the most interesting and storied legacies in the insurance industry.

Royal Sun Alliance home insurance »

Saga home insurance

For those looking to enjoy a well-kept home, a good home insurance policy is vital. We’ve put together a guide to Saga home insurance.

Saga home insurance »

Sainsbury's home insurance

Sainsbury's slogan is "Live Well For Less". But does that extend to Sainsbury's home insurance? Let's have a little lookie...

Sainsbury's home insurance »

Self build insurance

You’re living the dream and building your own home - but you need insurance to stop that dream from becoming a nightmare.

Self build insurance »

Sheilas' Wheels home insurance

While its bread and butter may lie with car insurance, Sheilas' Wheels offers a variety of cover that reaches far beyond the confines of the bubblegum pink Sheilamobile. Take home insurance, for example.

Sheila's Wheels home insurance »

Subsidence and home insurance

Learn what causes subsidence, what may prevent it, the danger signs to look out for and how insurers deal with subsidence risk and claims.

Subsidence and home insurance »

Swinton home insurance

Swinton Home Insurance has expanded from selling insurance policies from the lounge at home to insuring the lounge and house itself. We’ve put together a guide to getting the right policy with Swinton.

Swinton home insurance »

Tenants' insurance

Although renters are likely to need some specific consideration, tenants' insurance is essentially the same product as home contents insurance. Find out more about being a tenant and tenancy deposit protection schemes.

Tenants' insurance »

Top tips for cheaper home insurance

Advice on how to save on your premiums.

Top tips for cheaper home insurance »

Trace and access cover on home insurance

Ensuring you have trace and access cover on your home insurance could be invaluable if you need to find and repair a leaking pipe.

Trace and access cover on home insurance »

Trees and home insurance

Home insurers may ask about trees and vegetation due to issues like subsidence, heave, third-party liability and falling trees and branches. Find out more...

Trees and home insurance »

Unoccupied property insurance

Learn more about the basics of unoccupied property insurance, including when you need it, why it can be useful and possible exclusions.

Unoccupied property insurance »

Usage-based home insurance

Could a telematics-style, usage-based insurance model make an impact on the UK home insurance market?

Usage-based home insurance »

Weather damage and home insurance

Distinctions between weather damage, storm damage, accidental damage and the like can be crucial - read our guide to find out more, and learn how to prepare for a storm.

Weather damage and home insurance »

You may also be interested in:

Boat insurance

Boat insurance is likely to be needed for most sea, river and canal vessels, whether you use the boat as a home or for leisure. Find out more about the options.

Boat insurance »

Claims and Underwriting Exchange database (Cue)

Find out all about the Claims and Underwriting Exchange database (Cue) and how it could impact on your search for home insurance.

Claims and Underwriting Exchange database (Cue) »

Chancel repair liability insurance

Chancel repair liability can impact you significantly if you're buying, inheriting or moving into an affected property, but it's something that can be insured against.

Chancel repair liability insurance »

Declarations and non-disclosures

Mistakes in insurance applications could lead to a policy being refused, cancelled or made void - did you know that such errors could stay with you for life?

Declarations and non-disclosures »

Doubling up on insurance cover

If you have two or more insurance policies that cover the same thing, so-called contribution clauses could complicate claims and lead to you paying more than you need.

Doubling up on insurance cover »

Finances of house sharing

What are the financial and domestic realities of living in shared accommodation? Find out if you can make it less fraught and more fun. Also, check out our guide to 'flying the nest' and living independently for the first time.

Finances of house sharing »

Golf insurance

The popularity of golf is reflected in the size of the golf insurance market, but before paying for such cover consider the protection you may have from other sources.

Golf insurance »

Home appliance cover

Find out more about taking out extending warranty cover on your home’s brown- and white-label goods.

Home appliance cover »

Home insurance infographics

Get informed and entertained with Gocompare.com's collection of home infographics and interactives.

Home insurance infographics »

Insurance Premium Tax

What is Insurance Premium Tax? Find out more about IPT and how it impacts on prices.

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) »

Mothballing an unoccupied property

If you're leaving a property vacant you need to think about preparations including insurance, security and structural integrity.

Mothballing an unoccupied property »

Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance protects you while planning one of the most important days of your life. Find out about cover for bad weather, supplier failure and illness - but not for cold feet...

Wedding insurance »

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